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A creation in reverse: Hermès is bringing its petit h collection to Sydney with a limited-edition offering of sustainable objects

Hermès petit h

As our understanding of the impacts the fashion industry has on the environment continues to deepen; the conversation around sustainability has taken on new meaning. Consumers are looking for action and commitment, and many of the world's most revered luxury Houses are becoming increasingly more prepared to deliver on their promises. When Hermès debuted the petit h atelier in 2010, it became one of the first luxury circular initiatives established in the industry. Now, the House is bringing the unique collection to Hermès Sydney for a limited time.

For the uninitiated, petit h can best be described as "a creation in reverse". When Pascale Mussard (the former artistic co-director of Hermès), founded the workshop, it was under a simple guise; to recover unused materials from all the universes of Hermès to create new, surprising objects in limited series. Petit h has continued this vision under the direction of Godefroy de Virieu; encouraging its artisans to embrace a promise of free and playful creativity creation.

In the words of Hermès, petit h subverts traditional notions of creation; "since the starting point is neither a preconceived idea nor a grand design, but materials for which the other métiers have no further use, and with which artisans, artists and designers improvise while combining them in a thousand and one different ways." Keeping with the style codes of the House, the unique, limit-edition objects and shapes feature nods to Hermès signature colourways and materials, while simultaneously breathing new life into forgotten treasures.

For the collection, which is landing at Hermès Sydney Trust, from November 5th to November 25th; the objects will be accompanied by animated films created by Daniel Agdag. The films will recount the adventures of an explorer, Ed,"a tinkerer in his spare time, who roams the vast expanses of Australia in search of nothing specific but curious about everything". The journey depicted in the films is complimentary to the one on which designers and craftsmen embark, meandering through the materials provided to them in the petit h workshop and inventing new objects, new shapes and new uses.

Adopting a light-brown monochrome setting; notable mentions in the petit h collection include the “Kangoumou”, as mysterious as it is appealing, and a “Stool apron”. For those wanting to take their experience beyond just the visual, visitors to the petit h stopover can also join an intimate workshop and create their own petit h object to take home.

There will be three workshops sessions a day from 5th to 14th November: 10am, 2pm and 4pm, with bookings open from November 1st on the Hermès website. To find out more about the work Hermès is doing in the realm of sustainability, discover their partnership with Mycelium.


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