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Lucy Folk’s archive sale has the best bathrobes for holidays at home

Lucy Folk sale bathrobe

In need of a striped bathrobe that makes you smile every isolated morning? Considered a kaftan as your pull-on go-to? Lucy Folk’s exclusive archive sale proposes bringing the resort vibes to our isolation wardrobes. And we’re not complaining.

“Zero effort” we exclaimed at the beginning of our foray into WFH, before realising our favourite track pants have three days max in them before they really need the washing machine and those bike shorts aren’t as comfortable as we’d hoped on the couch.

As the days pass, we’ve been approaching our untouched clothes racks to access our resort wear. The clothes made for living languidly we’d admittedly forgot about until recently. That bring joy – and the reminder that we can actually take our holidays selves into our living rooms, our daily walks.

Designer Lucy Folk is more well versed than most in creating vacation vibes anywhere. And she knows the feeling.

“For me I am living my best robe life,” she tells. “I find our towelling is perfect iso wear as are our boiler suits for cooler days and nights.”

“I feel happier wearing colour so I am favouring brighter pieces at the moment. As we are all staying put I am dreaming of Italy where our sunglasses are made, Morocco where all of our apparel is woven and Thailand where we make our jewels.”

Our Lucy Folk sale picks include hand woven baggy shorts, the perfect lounge trousers and gold jewellery gifts for our friends having birthdays in isolation. And if you’re in the market for new socks, these ones have waves on them. (In lieu of swimming if you happen to be in Sydney).

The balance between living conservatively right now and supporting the small businesses we love isn’t always easy to strike. But we’re leaning towards thoughtful purchases that spark the joy of conscious exchange.