WFH: what the RUSSH editors are wearing this week

Entire offices working from home is something we’ve never personally lived through, let alone a global pandemic. While the changes continue to come, and the uncertainty grows amongst us all, there is one certain thing that can be found out amongst it all: RUSSH editors hate proper clothes, and almost all of us have one thing in common - the love of a good robe and grey marle. Comfort amid crisis, am I right? Below, the team dispatches which rings of fabric we’re enveloping ourselves in this week, and for the foreseeable future.

Jess Blanch


My isolation WFH style Icon is Bill Murray. From Lost In Translation to The Life Aquatic this man knows how to wear a robe. In his words, “You can handle just about anything that comes at us out on the road with a believable grin, common sense, and whiskey." I’m swapping the whiskey for coffee, so far anyhow.

The best confinement robe needs to be just the right size. I love linen by Summer and Storm and Johnstons of Elgin for the finest Scottish mill.

Ellen Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

Honest answer? Very little. I am taking none of the working from home advice and am delaying getting properly dressed for as long as possible and am snuggly set up to type from the comfort of my bed. What I wish I was wearing on the other hand? Cozy lounge-wear courtesy of Skims. Comfort is key for me on the best of days but even more so when stuck inside. May as well dress like Instagram’s favourite Jean Royere’s lounges. Wearable two-pieces I’d be happy to answer the door in.

Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

I've been living in my new linen robe from Bed Threads. It's very comfy and has been very cosy for those days when the weather is absolutely horrid.

I also really love the pieces from the Silk Robe. It's so luxe to be able to lounge around in silk all day. And the other massive benefit is that silk is a naturally antimicrobial fibre - a nice-to-have during a health crisis.

Gabriela Hidalgo

Senior Designer

In theory, a solid repertoire of jumpsuits is ideal for life in isolation. A single unit, no top/bottom coordination required, cozy – ticks all the boxes right? Wrong. All it takes is a few too many glasses of water to realise it was a big (huge) mistake, a nuisance. We’ve all been there, possibly in a public bathroom (those were the days) feeling regretful in our birthday suit. And with that, I decided to give up on clothes all together, it’s time for ‘the bathrobe’ to make a comeback. There is something regal about wearing a robe, it makes for a great entrance (into the next room?) or for a chic reflective moment whilst waiting for the kettle to boil (for the 16th time today). Not to mention, there are options – one for every mood in fact. Slinky silks, light linens, fresh cotton and cosy plush. My new work uniform is sorted, must I ever go back?

Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

As a strong believer in maximum coziness while working from home, you won't encounter a pair of jeans within six feet of me (the appropriate social distance right now). Unless I spill, track pants with matching hoodies will be on high rotation - dreaming of the Sporty & Rich variety but dealing with well worn closet dwellers. I like to pair with a cozy sock and even a sneaker if I want to feel put together, however my most honest self exists in hotel slippers.

Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

My first week working from home and I’m trying my best to incorporate a little routine into the day. This means waking up at the appropriate time, washing my face, cleaning my teeth and getting dressed (followed by work and appropriate lunch breaks and snacks). Dressing up for the day however is a little different when you’re at home and I always choose comfort - thrown in with a little concealer on my face to make me feel good. On current rotation is my Best Jumpers oversized sweat and ever so soft Skin Organics bike shorts.

Andréa Tchacos

Deputy Editor

I’ll be honest. The image to the left is from a little more than a week ago; my grocery-shopping-and-haven’t-given-up look. (Have given up on making my bed. And am sorry you have to see that but the latest motto is working with what we’ve got). Watch me tighten that (freshly washed, vintage) trench as I lose my sense of social normalcy and what’s underneath becomes less suitable for public consumption in the days to come.

The second image is from yesterday. At first glance it doesn’t scream ‘resort’ but actually, it’s a tribute to holiday vibes. A merch tee from Jacquemus’s iconic ‘La Bomba’ collection – inspired by the French Riviera. And my old Qantas pajama pants. You know, so every day feels like a business class flight.

Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

As someone who doesn’t even own track pants this whole working from home thing has got me a little frazzled. Add to this the fact that I am also working from bed - the only room in my share house with an appropriate amount of natural light - and it’s definitely been a fun game of “what is comfy enough for bed yet still makes me feel like a productive adult.” The answer? A well worn in pair of vintage jeans and an oversized shirt. Ideally something which doesn’t require any tucking yet still feels appropriate for any impromptu Zoom calls that may come my way throughout the day. To be fair this isn’t unsimilar to my office attire however I am revelling in the fact that I no longer have to find shoes to match/ruin my outfit.