Joanne Palmaro can heal your heartbreak

Actor and screenwriter Joanne Palmaro is a woman after our own hearts. She vibes on Serge Gainsbourg and Carly Simon, takes her pasta XXL and knows that sometimes the only solution to heartbreak is putting on Eye of the Tiger and hitting that pavement. Here she shares her other break-up remedies - complete with the perfect playlist to ease the pain.

My top five break-up songs are ...
Serge GainsbourgJe suis venu te dire que je m’en vais
Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again
Carly Simon –Why
John Maus – Hey Moon
Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me by Now

The worst my heart’s ever been broken …
My worst and my first. I was 11, I was secretly in love with a guy at school and he asks me to be with him. I was in heaven, I couldn’t believe it. And then he came back and laughed, “you really think I wanted to be with you, you’re so ugly”. I thought I would die! 

The best cure for a broken heart is …
Chocolate! Or say thank you to your hard working heart that does its best everyday. Cry all the oceans of all the continents of the entire world. Once relaxed and drained, lay down in your lowest moment. Get up and run like a machine with the best music as drive, something like Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Then wait … Time is already making space for new amazing stuff!