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Moroccan dreams: Lucy Folk’s collaborative collection with Guidi

For the nomad. Lucy Folk has launched her collaborative jewellery and sculpture collection, MMXIX, with French artist and sculptor Guidi. After a 2018 trip to Tangier in search of inspiration, Folk discovered Guidi’s work in the heart of the Casbah. From eccentric bronze castings to ceramics, sculpture, jewellery and paintings, here she shares her bohemian journey with RUSSH.

The Guidi MMXIX Collection will be showcased in Lucy Folk Melbourne HQ, available until Saturday 14 December, with pieces also displayed at PLAYA Sydney and online.

"This African light is bright."

"They come in all shapes and sizes."

"Afternoons in the studio."

"Heavy lifting."

"Looking out over the Strait of Gibraltar."

"Trying them on for size."

"Hilarity with GUIDI."

"Call to action."

"They come in all shapes and sizes."

"It’s time to play."

"Much choice."