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Getting ready with Jack River

This end of the year is always a little wild, but for singer-songwriter Jack River it’s the busiest of times. Still, between making a deep impact at the ARIAs, today's announcement of her new EP Stranger Heart and release of new single Closer, the girl from coastal NSW is conscious of living in the moment. “I try to set a no expectations, no cares, no wig outs place in my mind on crazy days in my industry,” she tells. Here she lets us in on one of those days in the lead-up to ARIAs night – featuring her Cosmic Girl aesthetic, tendency to avoid the bright lights of fame and the lip colour she chooses every damn time.

"I don’t wear much make up in the normal world, but it sure is a treat to have your face touched and brushed a million times by beautiful humans. Desiree Wise is such a confident and cool make up artist, she is decisive, ego-less, and so very kind. Thankful to work with people like her!"

"I have forever wanted to wear Ashish, from the incredible mind of Ashish Gupta. Ashish blends the colour and movement and spirit of the East with classic shapes from the West. I felt extremely honoured to put on this sparkly armour."

"My stylist Lucy Perrett kindly found these ... silver on silver on silver on silver."

"No matter the incredible professionalism of a makeup artist, I am always a little brat when it comes to lip colour. I always happen to end up using the same old colour …"

"I took my best friend Arizona with me this year, along with my Ashish UFO dress - she is the perfect hilarious armour in a room of trippy perceptions and expectations colliding like a light show in the sky."

"On days like this one, sometimes the moments in an elevator are the only truly peaceful, meditative moments you get. Nowhere you can get faster, no way to send or receive."

"If you didn’t already know - this dress turns into a UFO like shape when you spin. Promise I didn’t go to outer space at 3am."

"We had a fucking cool Uber driver, I wish you could see her. Happy, kind people in tiny exchanges make the world feel OK. "

"Walking to the show, probably getting into a mindset.. It pays off to let the chaos slide. There is so much beauty in being the peaceful observer, letting the world slip and slide around you, instead of chasing after the bright lights and getting burnt on the way."

Jack River, Stranger Heart, is out February 14.