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A comprehensive guide to the best loungewear labels 2021

extreme cashmere loungewear

Isolation has obviously spent in loungewear, and when I woke up on Tuesday morning, I lost a 30-minute battle with myself on whether or not I should put on jeans (huge call) or retire to the sweatpants I’d been wearing for the past four days. The sweatpants won, and this high-rotation soft-pants situation has got me thinking, is there enough loungewear in the world to make me feel eternally cosy and in turn safe while we ride out this horrifying pandemic? I don’t know. All I do know is that my crotch is going to get the shock of its life the day I hand my body back over to denim. We've shared our favourite cosy, cult brands but now we're rounding up the best loungewear labels to shop for relaxed clothing and chilled-out outfits. These are the brands that do loungewear the best.



Uniqlo loungewear

A short click through their albeit clunky website to the ‘innerwear and loungewear’ tab will have you headfirst in a plethora of all the loungewear you could ever need. Cosy flannel pyjama sets, stretchy daytime looks, fuzzy slippers, long johns, an introvert’s dream, all on the affordable scale of pricing!



SKIMS on <a target=instagram white lounge set" width="900" height="600" />

We can’t resist. Cotton ribbing and stretchy boucle yarn in the most classic neutral tones. Shapewear is not front of mind nearly ever, let alone when we’re spending days on end indoors. Sets that you could comfortably open the door, have a zoom call, and live the rest of your life in? sign us up.


Cotton On

Cotton On Loungewear

For affordable new pyjamas, look no further. Sometimes all we need is the treat of a new thing without leaving a regretful gouge out of our bank accounts. Waffle, Cotton, Fleece, name the cosy material and they have it.


Maison Kitsune

Maison Kitsune loungewear

On a more luxurious note, French house Maison Kitsune have been doing luxe sportswear since the beginning, known for it’s relaxed sporty aesthetic. Track pants and sweatshirts with sweet embroidery, socks with foxes on them, and knitwear that isn’t boring.


Sporty and Rich

sporty and rich instagram

A second mention to these guys for making some of the most covetable cool-girl sweatsuits out there. Inspired by 90’s sportwear and cool dads everywhere, get the boyish country club vibe we all want to be a part of.


Calvin Klein

calvin klein loungewear

Name a more loungewear forward house? We’ll wait. All the classics and all the time to wear them. Whether it’s feminine or sporty, CK have you covered from head to tow and everything underneath.



bassike loungewear

Australian classics when it comes to jersey. Sustainably sourced organic cotton jersey to cloak yourself in while you hide away from others, and is chic enough to run to the grocery store in at risk of bumping (metaphorically, we’re not doing that anymore) into someone you know slash want to assure you aren’t a total bum.



nagnata loungewear

When movement and relaxation unite. With sustainable focusses and tech-driven wool blends, Nagnata is perfect for those who want to go from Netflix and chilling one minute to doing a lockdown squat down (who am I and what am I saying?) the next. Utility without compromise on comfort is definitely what we’re here for.



Skin loungewear

Chic silhouettes and luxe fabrics equal a no brainer in our books. Cute, comfy, and screams “I have my shit together even though I’ve eaten nothing but different forms of potatoes for the past week”. Something for everyone in every season.


Extreme Cashmere

extreme cashmere loungewear

If the actual height of luxury isn’t a plush cashmere two piece, we are taking submissions to let us know what is? As the name suggests, Extreme Cashmere is built around the basics in cashmere form. Brb, bankrupting myself.


Assembly Label

Assembly label loungewear

For the linen lover. The most paired back basics in all the good fabrics and neutrals. Drawstring pants, oversized knits, and sets that transcend time and space. Appropriate for curling up or taking a stroll.



A last but certainly not least classic. If you’re not coveting a ribbed tank from them, where are you coveting ribbed tanks? Same goes for your favourite grey marle sweats. An Australian icon that does iconic loungewear, if none of the above do it for you, BONDS is a first and last resort.