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The Kate Bush renaissance has arrived and we can thank ‘Stranger Things’ for reviving her music

kate bush stranger things

The thoroughly deserved and extremely overdue Kate Bush renaissance is upon us in 2022 and whom do we thank for this? The lovely writers over on Stranger Things and their affinity for the greatest song ever written, Running Up That Hill.

Why are Kate Bush and Stranger Things trending?

The song has cycled back into the zeitgeist after featuring in a recent episode of the new season of Stranger Things, whereby character Max (Sadie Sink) realises playing this favourite tune wards off the Upside Down’s insidious monsters. Not only does this plotline keep Max safe, it has catapulted Bush back into the spotlight as her 1985 track regains its rightful spot atop global music charts, including the number one ranking on US iTunes, second on Australian iTunes and sneaking into 13th spot on Spotify’s global Top 200. The series’ largely teen fanbase has since taken to Twitter and TikTok to gush about their new, indie musical discovery and celebrate Bush’s song writing and aesthetics.

Running Up That Hill is the anthem to turn to at any stage of your life, whether simply requiring a ballad to drive home to or having an existential crisis on the other side of the globe. It has a reverberating beat that is unmatched, lyricism that stands on its own in the annals of British musical history – who else learned the word ‘asunder’ from the track? – and now, a new legion of fans shouting ‘THERE IS THUNDER IN OUR HEARTS’ has gloriously spawned. According to my boyfriend – who has never listened to Bush in his life and prefers the work of Vince Staples – it is “an absolute tune.” We concur, wholeheartedly.

It's not only Bush we are turning to for filling the void of 1980s new wave music in 2022. House of Gucci featured New Order’s hypnotic Blue Monday on its soundtrack and Harry Styles appears to have been abundantly influenced by sounds not dissimilar to Pat Benatar and Hall & Oates on his tracks As It Was and Late Night Talking.

The beauty of music remains its timeless quality, waiting for fresh ears to hear it for the first time. It is heartening to see new generations discovering catalogues from decades past and reviving them, much like the resurgence of Queen after Bohemian Rhapsody’s release in 2018. Perhaps upon the global premiere of Elvis, a reprieve of the King of Rock’s best work is next? Our suspicious minds wait with bated breath.

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