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You can quite literally immerse yourself in the ‘House of Gucci’

While the relationship dynamics in the House of Gucci are certainly not something we would advocate aspiring for, Ridley Scott sure knows how to feed into our Italiano fantasies. Between gilded interiors at Lake Como, glittering ski fields and hazy nights at the discoteca, the director has just about summed up our escape plan if this whole Sydney thing doesn't work out. Now, in a rare plot twist, it appears that the universe is asking us to tempt fate. It has come to our attention that you can quite literally stay in the house of Gucci. Ready to test run that escape plan, anyone?



Villa Balbiano, the three-story mansion that weaves in and out of the trailer for House of Gucci, is opening its doors for one night to a guest and their plus one on March 30, 2022. The villa, which is located on the western shore of iconic Lake Como, is the site of Gucci patriarch Aldo Gucci's home in the film and as you can imagine, it's every bit as extravagant as it sounds.

Built in the 16th century, Villa Balbiano is one of the largest private residences to surround the lake. It's encircled by lavish gardens that were distinguished by the British Society of Garden Designers; as well as a boathouse, outdoor swimming pool and private pier; all of which the lucky candidate will have access to during their stay.



Inside the over-the-top decadence continues with six bedrooms, six marble bathrooms, 17th century frescoes and an enviable collection of artwork, furnitures and tchotchkes sourced from Sotheby’s and Christie’s. All of which can be enjoyed while gazing at the spanning views of Lake Como.

The catch? There always is one! The offer stands for one night. Not only that, but it's not a competition so it's first in first served so you'll have to be lightning fast on Airbnb. A night at Villa Balbiano will set you back around $1560.26 AUD, which all things considered, is a small price to pay for this truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

You can find the listing for Villa Balbiano on Airbnb and bookings open on Tuesday, December 7th at 4 am AEDT.

Good luck! We'll be praying for you. In the name of father, son, and House of Gucci. 



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