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‘Close’ is a pitch perfect drama about boyhood friendship interrupted

close lukas dhont

Even though Cannes Film Festival has wrapped up for 2022, word from the buzziest films continue to trickle out. One such movie is Close by Belgian director Lukas Dhont, a devastating portrait of boyhood friendship, masculinity and the fallout when these two collide.

What is Close about?

The film opens with 13-year-old Léo and his best friend Rémi. It's summer on Léo's family flower farm, offering up a picturesque backdrop for the extent of their friendship to take shape. Just like the farmer's working schedule, the narrative follows the seasons over one year. When the two enter their first day of high school, their closeness is greeted with critical eyes – the cruelty of children – and it takes one homophobic slur for Léo to begin quietly separating himself from Rémi.

The breakup begins like they always do, slowly and through passive slights. Léo begins a performance of masculinity that acts as both a deterrent and the knife that severs his friendship with Rémi. Play fights become real fights, Léo blanks Rémi in the playground, he shows indifference to Rémi's interest in signing up to ice hockey too, and what was admiration for Rémi's skill at playing the oboe morphs into contempt. From all accounts it's a devastating watch, especially on account of Rémi who does not have the language nor the life experience to cope with this abandonment.

Who stars in Close?

With such a young cast, there are some fresh faces to know in this coming-of-age film. Léo is played by Eden Dambrine and Gustav De Waele embodies the role of Rémi.

Where can I watch Close?

As Close has just debuted at Cannes, we expect it will be some time until the film makes it way to the theatres. For now though, you can watch the trailer to Close, below.

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