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Your first look at Austin Butler in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic

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If you live on the internet like we do, you'll remember that earlier this year, there was a whisper that Baz Luhrmann would be working on an Elvis biopic starring Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Austin Butler. As the months ticked along, we weren't sure if it were actually happening, until now, since cheeky Luhrmann has just released a teaser to prove it.

“Made a little something to let you good people know we are taking care of business on June 24, 2022,” Luhrmann wrote on Twitter. He shared a 21-second clip that gives us our first look at Butler whose casting was reportedly  up against other brunette mega soft bois Harry Styles, Miles Teller, and Ansel Elgort for the role of the hip thrusting rock legend, which, isn't too dissimilar to the moves Styles has been pedalling during his recent tour. In the brief teaser, we are offered but a moment of Butler’s sharp side profile and Elvis-gelled hair as someone walks up behind him. Tom Hanks, is it you? Say it's so.

Hanks has reportedly been cast to play Elvis’s complicated manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Two slow motion shots of Butler as Elvis follow, one where eh is walking in a black leather jacket and one in a white suit with an entourage around him. The clip ends with a screen showing the initials TCB, which stand for “taking care of business.” TCB was Elvis’s motto, as well as the nickname he gave his band, starting in 1969. The lightning bolt signified that said business was handled in a flash.

Luhrmann's nod to the TCB era with his caption, hints that the biopic might be set close to 1969, the year Elvis resumed touring again. Watch the clip below to see for yourself.

The biopic is so far untitled, but the above evidence points to a strong argument that it may be dubbed, Taking Care of Business. The project will be released on June 24, 2022.


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Image: @austinbutler