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A sanctuary of dreams, meet our ‘Oasis’ cover star, Olivia Vinten

Olivia Vinten cover star

Lion incarnate, cover star Olivia Vinten’s mane of mystery is its own oasis. Her golden locks bouncing effortlessly behind her, it’s impossible not to ask, “who is that girl?” Like a cool summer’s breeze, her zest and ease pass through you. Time stops as you’re forced to hold your breath long enough to take it all in, just in case you never have the chance to experience such reprieve again. One minute she’s here and then she’s gone – and boy, do we want to be wherever she is.



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This great Dane likes to be in charge but is self-professed: impulsive. Her safe house is not her actual home in Copenhagen but the feeling the people she holds dear gives her. Beginning her modelling career at the early age of 13, her earliest dalliance a lookbook shoot she'll never forget.

"I remember my first job ever was this lookbook I did where they cut out my head in the pictures. Looking back at it now, it was probably a good way for me to get into modelling because I got to just focus on how to move and use my body on set but it’s also a bit funny to think about."



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A summer blaze we just can't give up on, Vinten understands the importance of nurturing her mind, body and soul in all capacities. Her days start by going to the gym or for a run, "exercising in the morning makes me more productive throughout the day," she tells us. And when it comes to recharging her batteries, she prefers to stick to the things she knows.

"Taking time off social media, seeing my family, working out, trying not to overthink too much, challenging myself to learn something new and be in touch with the people I’m closest to." Her recipe to success.

First impressions are ... Unfortunately, very important. I think they have a great impact on what we think of others which I find stupid since it really doesn’t say much about anything. In my industry I get a lot of first impressions since I get to meet a great amount of new people almost every day and my experience is that I tend to subconsciously stick to my first impressions. I’m very conscious about this and always strive to go beyond that and dig deeper when I meet people again.

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PHOTOGRAPHY Brendan Freeman
FASHION Anna Foster
MODEL Olivia Vinten @ 2pm wears VALENTINO dress; CARTIER ring.
HAIR Jody Taylor @ Leftside-Creative using BaByliss Pro
MAKEUP Yae Pascoe using M.A.C Cosmetics
PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS Kristos Giourgas and Greg Holland
CASTING Megan McCluskie
PRODUCER Rosie Cartwright


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