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Jacquemus teases new collection ‘Le Papier’, an ode to… paper?

jacquemus le papier

All eyes are on Jacquemus this morning. How could they not be? The designer has just teased a preview of its upcoming collection entitled Le Papier.

Announced over Instagram, the news comes after Simon Porte Jacquemus spilled the beans on his other project – a collaboration with Nike – one that we'd sensed was coming for some time now and one that involved shooting The White Lotus star Sydney Sweeney on location in Hawai'i for. For all those asking, yes there will be more pieces from the partnership included in the next show, one of them being a Nike garter of sorts.


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The post itself granted us a glimpse inside Le Papier. Soft ribbed cotton and cream-coloured silk is hoisted up around a model's thighs to reveal the tan Nike straps-garter-situation. As for the name? Even those least versed in the French language (like myself) can deduce that it refers to paper. But what does that tell us about the new collection exactly?

If we look back to La Montagnewhere the designer took us quite literally to the mountain for some hot-hiker energy, then we may be in for an equally literal interpretation. Of course, paper can mean many things: a study on the colour white for example or a focus on drapery and texture to emulate its crumpled form? Simon Porte may even conjure up a faux newspaper or riff on stacks of money? We don't know! We're not mind readers. But we are certain that we'd sell someone else's mother to find out.

So when can we expect to see Le Papier? Very soon dear friends. The collection is set to be unveiled on June 27 from an undisclosed location that, as Simon Porte somewhat cryptically put it, is "very special" to the designer. Where could that be? And better yet, will it be staged in France? Your guess is as good as ours.

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