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15 brands like Jacquemus to shop and have you feeling très chic

Brands like Jacquemus

Calling a spade a spade, Jacquemus has changed what it means to 'dress like a French girl'. From the bambinou, the chiquito to the bomba and the famous oversized straw hat, they've stayed as far away as possible from the quintessential silhouettes and refined colour palettes we've grown to associate with Parisian dressing (nope, there's not a black beret in sight!). Perhaps that's because of head designer Simon Porte's upbringing in the comparatively colourful and laid-back south of France, a proximity to nature and whimsy that we see reflected in his sartorial choices on the runway. Perhaps it's simply because Porte has a revolutionary vision of the modern French woman.

Nonetheless, it's a vision that has taken hold of the fashion industry, garnering fans across the globe, whether for their kitch garments or their dream-like runway shoes. But while we all want a piece of Jacquemus's coveted runway pieces, we're also seeing a plethora of brands play their take on Porte's pioneering vision. Uniquely their own, we've rounded up 15 brands that we think you should add to your fashion periphery as places to get your southern French-inspired pieces.

Poppy Lissiman


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If there's one thing Jacquemus nails, it's a bold hued accessory, a trait they share in common with West Australian label Poppy Lissiman. From surreal, bug-eyed sunglasses to tiny, candy-hued handbags, Poppy Lissiman is a brand that doesn't like to play it safe.


Paris Georgia


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Launched in 2015 by friends Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie, New Zealand's Paris Georgia fuse luxurious fabrics with silhouettes designed to honour the female form. Pieces accentuate lines and curves in all the right ways, with pops of colour not an uncommon addition.




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Founded by Lucinda Taffs, Auteur is inspired by the bold and exiting, with distinctive vintage touches. The brand evokes a Francophillian quality through its use of playful colours and girlish construction.




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Staud produces a refined range of wardrobe staples alongside playful garments echoing sentiments of current trends. With an affinity for colour and structured lines, the brand has become a go-to for many since its inception in 2015.



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A Budapest-based brand launched by Sandra Sandor, Nanushka are known for its skilled craftsmanship, detail and fabric. Pieces vary between being experimental in nature and considerately designed to become treasured wardrobe staples.




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Designed by Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, Coperni is the Parisian brand currently on everyone's lips, thanks to its glass bag currently making waves. Modernist garments flit with the borders of trend-driven design, artfully experimenting with colour, texture and silhouettes with an inherently playful nature.


Anna October

Ukrainian brand Anna October works to empower women through design. The brand's core collection consists of dresses, knitted pieces and lingerie-inspired garments to inspire confidence and a fun, carefree attitude.


Maggie Marilyn

Consciously-crafted Maggie Marilyn is a label known for its quintessential femininity and buttery, supple colour palettes. With billowing silhouettes paired alongside tailored, figure-hugging garments, it is a considered blend of timeless clothing with contemporary accents.

Frankie Shop


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Initially known for its luxe take on loungewear, Frankie Shop has grown into a label at the front of high street fashion. Oversize shirts, knit shorts and masculine-cut blazers are favourites of the label, alongside a vibrant colour palette of neon greens, blues and yellow.


Mirae Paris


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Mother-daughter duo Tara and Camille Jarmon know their way around an eclectic pattern, edgy shape and European-summer inspired collections. Mirae are best known for its slinky slip and wrap dresses, often found in shades of pink, orange and yellow.




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The brand that wants to banish underwear, Marcia garments are known for intricate side panelling, cut out details and a sensuality inherent to the fabric of the brand. Founded by Emma Reynaud, the brand is distinctly French in its flirty nature.


Sandro Paris


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The Sandro Paris woman isn't afraid to explore a colourful wardrobe filled with patterned garments and varying textures. Alongside tailored, structured looks, the brand also carries skirt suit sets and slip dresses for a summery feel.




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Italian brand Marni – led by Francesco Risso – combine the best of Italian dress sensibility with whimsical, seasonal motifs. Think: Matching sets in contrast coloured gingham, alongside shoes adorned with floral print.


Aya Muse


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The more cut outs and the more skin the better in the eyes of Aya Muse. If an exposed back, torso or asymetrical neckline are to your tastes, look no further than the emerging American brand.


Maryam Nassir Zadeh


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Maryam Nassir Zadeh's eponymous label has built a cult following for quality understated pieces to be worn for seasons on end. With knitwear a speciality of the brand, an oversized shirt or three wouldn't be out of place in its collections.


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