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The Coperni glass bag has made a case for being 2022’s It bag and we’re not mad

coperni glass bag

Garments and accessories are often deemed wearable art however, the latest offering from cult French brand Coperni is taking this to a much more literal sense. For the latest iteration of its signature Swipe bag, the brand has released the accessory in glass, leaving it looking more like a decorative tabletop piece than a carryall. But, if the last week has had anything to say, the Coperni Glass Bag may just be the It item of 2021.

For Fall 2022, the brand collaborated with Heven, a hand-blown glass company founded by Breanna Box and Peter Dupont, having the duo render the Swipe bag in glass. The shape of the bag is inspired by the ‘swipe to unlock’ feature on an iPhone, and has since become easily the most recognisable piece carried by the brand. Each glass version of the Swipe is made from one piece of glass, then drilled into and opened with scissors to allow for storage. The lengths we go to.


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At the Grammy’s, Doja Cat paired her aqua Versace gown with the Coperni glass bag in a matching hue, in what was to become one of the defining moments on the event’s red carpet. Later in the evening when accepting her award, she swapped the blue for a clear version, affixed with devil horns for an added touch.


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At the same event, we saw Tinashe also pair her pink GDCS gown with a maroon version of the Coperni glass bag. And then Kylie Jenner on Wednesday. And now, it has us pondering, who will be next? While transparent bags aren’t a new concept in the accessories landscape, a glass bag garnering the traction seen with the Coperni Swipe certainly is worth noting.


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If we look at the trend in the broader context of transparent bags, this element of the current version is something we’ve seen cycled into the zeitgeist previously. Particularly looking at 2019, transparent bags were coveted by many and a slew of luxury brands released versions of the concept. Transparent Chanel Flap bag's, Fendi Baguettes and Kan I's and that Celine PVC shopper tote have all had their moment as It accessories and while some may deem them impractical, if you’ve nothing to hide, we say lean into the movement.


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