The Grammys – a look back to our favourite red carpet outfits of all time



The Grammy Awards are here again, so at RUSSH we round up some of our favorite (unexpected?) Grammy Award looks of all time.


Cher - The Grammy Awards 1974

Cher - a true siren of the 70s brings us a memorable two-piece to join The Grammy Awards hall of fame.



David Bowie - The Grammy Awards 1975

We can't put style and music in the same sentence without paying our respects to David Bowie who always mastered the play in dress ups and gender ambiguity.


Sinead O Conner - The Grammy Awards 1989

When everyone dresses up, sometimes it's best dress right down. Sinead O Conner does just that and with impeccable taste in the perfect strap bralette and ripped jeans. And the most iconic part? This look was for The Grammys.


Yoko Ono & John Lennon - The Grammy Awards 1975

Yoko Ono and John Lennon, a walking billboard in couple dressing debut in fringe and feathers (and an Elvis pin) for The Grammy Awards in 1975.



Prince - The Grammy Awards 1988

Like Bowie, one must pay respects to the icons that set the standards before us. Prince in a double breasted two piece polka dot suit in 98, rolling out of limousine is always a look worthy of revisiting.



Erykah Badu - The Grammy Awards 2001

Erykah Badu is everything.


Courtney Love & Gwen Stefani - The Grammy Awards 1998

The ultimate alt-girl after party looks brought to you by Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love.



Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith - The Grammy Awards 1999

This carefully crafted combo between Will Smith's leather ensemble paired with Jada Pinkett Smith's head-scarfed silk split gown makes its mark as a Grammy favourite.



Naomi Campbell - The Grammy Awards 1991

Naomi Campbell in her famous deck of cards for the Grammys in '91.



Gwen Stefani - The Grammy Awards 2003

Would still be as relevant today as it was in '03 - none other than Gwen Stefani to show us how to wear a midriff baring white suit.


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