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Georgia May Jagger and Jerry Hall on the power of unconditional love and how they celebrate Mother’s Day

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There's an indescribable connection that is formed between milestones and the ways in which we choose to celebrate them. An acknowledgement of time and place, these markers become continual reminders of moments, memories and experiences that have both shaped us and become catalysts for the people we aspire to be. To both ourselves and to others.

Motherhood is one of the most constant journeys in life – an always-evolving relationship between mother and child that has become synonymous with our understanding of the role these moments play in our connections with others. From a baby's first laugh, to the exchange of experiences and teachings that begin to form during adulthood, and the passing down and gifting of family heirlooms that forever grow in sentiment.

It's the joy shared in every day moments that defines a bond as truly unbreakable. For Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger, Mother's Day is a continuation of the deep connection they already share. A family lunch, a glorious selection of blooms and a special piece to mark the occasion.

It's this celebration of the never-ending relationship that goes beyond the traditional mother and child dynamic that has influenced Pandora's Mother's Day collection; an offering of symbolic pieces that carry the sentimentality of unconditional love and devotion.

Below, Jagger and Hall retrace their relationship as both mother and daughter and friends – sharing some of their most unforgettable memories, how their bond has changed over the years and how they use jewellery to celebrate some of life's special moments.


Tell us a bit about your childhood. What are some memories with your mum that stick out?

Georgia: My mum has always been super hands on with us. We went on a lot of memorable trips together to South Africa, France and back to Texas to visit family. She loves playing silly games and making jokes. She always encouraged everything we were into and taught me a lot about art and history and nature – she loves gardening and growing her own vegetables.


How has your mother influenced how you express yourself?

G: She is fearlessly herself at all times and doesn’t follow everyone else especially when it comes to her style. She thinks you should express yourself in whatever way you want and not care what other people think.


What is the most valuable lesson you learnt from your own mother? Have you carried this forward into the relationships with your children?

Jerry: My mum taught me kindness, honesty and hard work and I am so proud of what good people my children are.


Jerry Hall Georgia May Jagger Pandora

One of the main themes of the campaign looks at celebrating the unconditional love, found in everyday moments. Can you share an example of a little act in your day to day, that you do for your children?

J: Even though all of my children are grown, I stay in close contact with them all by phone, text or email. I am always ready to babysit my grandson, Eugene – or any of their dogs – Georgia has three! I love to give advice, but sometimes I have to stop myself!


What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt from your mother?

G: That life has its ups and downs and different chapters, and you have to roll with the punches and make hay while the sun shines and always see your glass as half full and not half empty.


Many of the designs in the new Mother's Day collection represent the unbreakable bond of family. Are there any symbols that are important to you in your life?

G: I have always loved the infinity symbol. Sea shell designs always remind me of my mother and sister and collecting them on the beach as a child to make picture frames and boxes as gifts for each other. I have a few different jewellery items that my mother had handed down to me that have sea shell designs on them.


What is your favourite piece of jewellery that you own?

J: I love seeing my jewellery passed onto my daughters, it can be so much fun. I have some pieces from my mother – it's such a special thing. Pieces have such a sentimental value. For one Mother’s Day, Georgia gave me some rose gold jewellery from Pandora and it’s still so special to me every time I wear it.

You can explore Pandora's new collection now, in store and online, and celebrate the special people and moments in your life this Mother's Day.


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