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Marc Jacobs has served us a delightfully grungey gift of 90s icon Winona Ryder in latest campaign

marc jacobs and winona ryder

Avoid the 90s at your peril, no seriously this should be the slogan for any fashion house out there at present. We've seen the absolute chokehold the era has had in several recent luxury campaigns, and of course no one understands this better than our guy Marc Jacobs. Ever since the designer came out with his diffusion line, Heaven the resurgence has been real. Often faced by a millennial model, many of whom were not even alive upon the debut of the Mary Jane, Marc Jacobs has now circled back to his roots with a favour from an old friend for his latest campaign.

Regaling us back to the 90s with the face of his latest accessory release, the J Marc Shoulder Bag, the seminal grunge fashion icon herself Winona Ryder is the campaign’s latest face. Honestly, judging by the porcelain skin and gel spiked hair you wouldn't think a day has passed since 1994.



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After a recent leak earlier this week, many were taking bets about Ryder as the new face of Heaven. Marc Jacobs played along sharing a campaign video announcing both the latest bag and Ryder, as the face of his mainline, with a few behind the scenes moments of the actress cheekily dancing, hoodie on and whipped cream in tow.

Ryder, known to be a key film icon of the era starring in grungy 90s era favourites like, Reality Bites and Bram Stoker's Dracula soon became a fashion household name with her cropped mass of messy hair, oversized jackets and distressed jeans. She shot her first campaign with Jacobs for the SS03 season with Juergen Teller. Now at 50, she is playing into the very same gothic vibe with photographer Harley Weir.

Here she wears Jacobs’ iconic Kiki Boots, as well as an archival Marc Jacobs gown, lace slip and a black tulle skirt. The J Marc shoulder bag, plays homage to the early-aughts favourite: the Marc Jacobs “Stam” bag which will be available online from June 1st.

Okay Marc, why not just bring out Keanu Reeves while we're at at it, and we can all perish.

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