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20 thoughtful housewarming gift ideas to transform a new living space

housewarming gift ideas

To build a home takes time. That's for sure. So when your loved one uproots from one home to another, no matter how much furniture and furnishings they may already have, instinct tells you not to arrive empty handed. From something as simple as a bottle of red wine or an always classic casserole dish, the gift should be a marker of new beginnings, a hopeful token of what's to come. The trick is to navigate the line between comfort and clutter—what do they need? Is there anything they want but would never buy for themself? What about the practical but less glamorous requirements like a set of tea towels or a wine knife? If all else fails, a bouquet of flowers never goes astray...

From the practical to the comforting pieces your loved one would never indulge in themself, below find 20 housewarming gift ideas that are bound to leave an impression.

IN BED Tea Towels


Perosa Ceramic Butter Dish




D.S & Durga Big Sur After Rain

Dinosaur Designs Resin Dish



Maison Balzac Pomponette Vase


Allie Webb Fagioli Rossi


A cookbook


Cremate London Incense Stand


Ann Vincent Sole Set


Tekla Apron


Stories of Italy Black and White Goblets


Sinapius Esme Gamay

housewarming gift ideas


Softedge Studio Sunny Side Egg Cup

housewarming gift ideas


Aesop Istros Room Spray


Le Creuset Casserole

housewarming gift ideas

Pepe Saya Pancake Pack

housewarming gift ideas


Heirloom Quality Supplies Handmade Quilt

housewarming gift ideas

housewarming gift ideas


Edie Parker Flower Tabletop Lighter

housewarming gift ideas

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