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Let your hands do the talking: the brands we shop for ceramics

where to buy ceramics

There is something endlessly moving about something that has been harvested from the earth, coaxed into a malleable substance, and formed into wares by creative hands. Perhaps it's just me, but there is a certain groundedness that comes from holding fired clay in our hands, knowing that it has been manoeuvred by a potter's craft and learned skill. The beauty lies in diversity, and what could be more varied than a handmade vessel? If you too share an appreciation for these sentiments, but are unsure where to buy ceramics, we are rounding up some of our favourite ceramic brands and ceramicists, below.


Mathilde Martin Ceramics

Crafted sans colour with raw materials and natural enamels, Mathilde Martin's pieces are the perfect representation of the purity of the earth. Hand-built (without a wheel) in France where Martin resides, her pieces are both striking in mass and simplistic in silhouette, letting the magic of the material speak volumes.


Porch Ceramics

Crafted by Porch and Parlour's Sammy Smith and Ceramic mastermind Ryan Der, Porch Ceramics is a conceptual coming together based in Sydney's Bondi. Elevated, minimalist designs that bring the home together in both functionality and beauty, Porch Ceramics is a local endeavour between the best.


Alma Berrow 

London based Alma Berrow is not your usual ceramicist. Landing in the realm of visual art and supplying her product similarly, owning one of Berrow's works is not the same as purchasing a mug. These endearing trinkets are part of the artists commissioned works and projects. Reach out to see what's possible.


Julie Lansom

where to buy ceramics

Responsible for that cobalt vase we're all coveting. Minimal, pared-back silhouettes brought to life by vibrant colours and designs. Cobalt blue, lemon yellow, pistachio green. Lansom's works will brighten your home and your head in an instant.


Alex and Trahanas

where to buy ceramics

Forged from a desire to create entertaining pieces that enrich and create memorable occasions, Alex and Trahanas' Puglian ceramics are recognisable to anyone who lives in Sydney. For those unfamiliar, let us introduce you to the tablewares reminiscent of Al Fresco dining on the Amalfi Coast.


Marloe Marloe

where to buy ceramics

Marloe Marloe was founded in 2014 by ceramist Marloe Morgan on the Southern Gold Coast, Australia. Each object is skillfully handmade by artisans in small batches, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces refined by simplicity and femininity.


NR Ceramics


Polished, sculptural and elegant, NR ceramics are forever pieces. Simplistic and minimal in form, MR ceramics suits whichever space you're in.


Tantri Mustika Ceramics

Tantri Mustika is a Melbourne based ceramicist making a range of joyful hand built ceramics. Her current collection of work incorporates a modern spin on traditional terrazzo tiling, applying it to bespoke functional forms making terrazzo adaptable to everyday life.


Rachel Saunders Ceramics

where to buy ceramics

Simplicity, functionality, sustainability, playfulness, and connection. This is what Rachel Saunders' ceramic practice is built on. Offering simplistic and refined silhouettes with a touch of imperfection, highlighting the inherent beauty of natural materials.


Amis & Co

where to buy ceramics

Call it nepotism, but I've saved the best for last. Amiten O'Keeffe of Amis & Co handmakes each piece in the Byron Hinterland. Ranging from large vases to miniature Saké cups, each Amis & Co piece is fired in an Anagama woodfired kiln, where the ash from the wood the team collects from fallen rainforest trees for the fire forms the glaze on each piece, solidifying the ceramics as one-of-a-kind reflections of place and time. You can DM to purchase.

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