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The five biggest changes in Samsung’s 2024 TV line up

Samsung 2024 TV Lineup

If you're looking to invest in new home entertainment, Samsung's 2024 lineup has a lot to offer. From bigger and better-than-ever screens to sound equipment designed to look like art, these are the most important updates to Samsung's 2024 home entertainment lineup.


Bigger than ever screens

Australians love big TVs, and 2024's lineup is ready to meet that demand. Most significantly, Samsung has introduced a 98-inch size option in the Crystal UHD, Neo QLED and QLED models. It's designed to truly deliver the theatre experience at home. This range uses Samsung's Supersize Picture Enhancer for upscaling, sharpness, noise reduction and black enhancement to ensure you're getting a great picture, even on an ultra-large screen.


New Processor and AI Features

Samsung's 2024 TV come with a new processors that offer some significant improvements compared to the older TVs. Probably the most notable changes it that they allow the new TVs to upscale content to near 8k quality - even if the original source resolution was low. It's a game changing feature for those who love to watch the classics, as you'll be able to experience them in near 8K. The processors are called NQ8 AI Gen3 for Neo QLED 8K and NQ4 AI Gen2 for Neo QLED 4K and OLED TVs.

Additionally, further optimisations come via AI. The AI system can assess what you're watching and optimise the picture levels on a content by content basis. It means you'll get a perfectly optimised and personalised viewing experience every time.


Glare-Free OLED TVs

For the OLED cult, this an extremely welcome change. Samsung has introduced a glare-free technology into its designs. If you have bright living room, the new design will minimise the reflections on screens via a specialised hard-coating layer and surface pattern. The new tech means you can enjoy the intensity and quality of an OLED even in bright light.


Neo QLED TV leads the way

Of course being Samsung's flagship TV, the Neo QLED range comes with some core improvements in 2024. There are both 4k and 8k models available. Features like the 8K AI upscaling, AI motion enhancer and real depth enhancer means you'll get a smooth, clear and lifelike depth when watching content. Even fast-paced content like sports. The active voice amplifier extracts background noise, the object tracking sound syncs sound with on screen action and adaptive sound refines the audio experience by adjusting sound to your room acoustics. For gamers, the AI auto game mode and AI customisation mode facilitates an immersive gaming experience.


Introducing the Music Frame

No screen is complete without the sound to match. The 2024 lineup of audio accompaniments includes includes the top-of-the-line Q990D boasting an 11.1.4-channel setup with Dolby Atmos support. Samsung also introduced the Music Frame, a wall-mountable speaker designed to function as a frame for artworks. You can use these to display any art prints of your choosing, allowing your stereo products to blend seamlessly into your room.


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