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Where to buy Travertine furniture to jazz up your interiors

where to buy travertine furniture

You've seen it on your Instagram feeds, and pinned it on your Pinterest boards. Whether looking to spruce up your current decor or furnishing a brand new abode, Travertine furniture is the latest interior design trend to know. From it's sleek appearance to decidedly European charm, we're wholeheartedly behind this craze. If you've been wondering where to buy Travertine furniture for your home, you've come to the right place as we have rounded up our favourite retailers and how you can care for the material.

What is Travertine Furniture?

Travertine furniture is characterised by pitted holes and troughs through its surface and can be left in its natural state of polished to a smooth, shiny finish, as is most common. It is typically found in white, tan and cream colours, but great and coral iterations do pop up from time to time. 

Traditionally, Travertine has been used predominantly as a building material, from ancient civilisation through to the modern day. The material was mined by the Romans in the construction of aqueducts, temples and even the Colosseum. Until the 1980s, Italy held a monopoly on the Travertine market, however it is now quarried in Turkey, Iran, Mexico, Peru and a handful of sites in the United States. 

How do I care for Travertine furniture? 

If there is one thing for certain about Travertine furniture, it is that you will want it to last after investing in a piece. There are a few things you can do to help ensure it looks fresh and holds its velour over time, including: 

  • Wipe it down regularly with a soft sponge 

On a regular basis, the only liquid you should use to clean Travertine furniture is hot water to mop up small messes and crumbs, and then a stone cleaner if needed for larger messes. Three-to-four times a year, you can use a mild soap on the furniture, however consistent use will dull the surface. 

  • Use coasters 

A no brainer in many homes but sometimes a rule that can be left on the wayside, using a coaster under all glasses, bottles and cans is a must with Travertine furniture. Glasses can leave a glass ring and may damage the polish of the surface, so don’t be afraid to pair your tables with a set of coasters. 

  • Clean up spills immediately 

Travertine furniture is more sensitive to acidic substances than granite and other common household materials. This includes wine, coffee, juice and tomato sauce. These products can dull the finish or stain the surface permanently if not tended to in a timely fashion. 

Where can I buy Travertine furniture?

Travertine furniture is becoming easier to find in stores as its popularity resurges, and we've gathered a brood of our favourites for you to shop today.


Coco Republic


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At Coco Republic, you will find travertine piece crafted from the metamorphic rock and made for contemporary settings. Pieces are timeless, yet lend themselves to a minimalist quality.

Casa Blanco 


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Casa Blanco’s pieces are inherently 1970s inspired, blending retro motifs with modern accents. Pieces are made in striking shapes, yet wouldn’t be out of place in contemporary living spaces.

En Gold


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En Gold are known for their ornate coffee tables and plinths, ideal for stacks of books. Each piece is made to order and designed to be treasured, to become a family antique handed down through generations.

Life Interiors


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For those who crave a showstopper, a statement piece to become the focal point of a room, Life Interiors are where to turn. With their collection of travertine furniture, pieces are designed to seamlessly pair with current settings and decor, seamlessly.

Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts’ travertine furniture range is modern, fresh and sophisticated. Each piece combines functionality with cutting edge design, with refined design motifs.

fform Life


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Elevated, considered and refined are the only adjectives sufficient to describe the travertine furniture from fform Life. For those seeking an opulent touch in their home, the pieces carried by the brand are at once contemporary, yet carrying a more-is-more quality.

Urban Road


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At Urban Road, you will find travertine in its abundance, particularly in the form of side tables, ideal for living spaces or the bedroom depending on how you envision your hygge.


When in doubt and searching for a particular type of furniture, Etsy is always the marketplace to turn back to. While there is no specific seller, a quick search for travertine furniture will bring a score of results on the site.

The Iconic 

While not furniture per se, you will find travertine decor and knick knacks for your table top. If a travertine coffee table or plinth isn’t your style, integrate the natural material into your habitat through smaller, gradual inclusions.


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