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Hunting down the perfect dinner candle? Here are 9 of our favourites

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Set the table and dial up the music. It's a dinner party and everything must be just so. You've bought the wine and prepared the meal, the only thing left is to kindle the mood. Whether it's to evoke romance, intimacy or jovial times, flickering candlelight always does the trick. To help you facilitate good times, we're sharing where to go to buy nine of our favourite candlesticks to make for the ultimate dinner soiree. Light 'em up.


Ann Vincent


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So striking you can't bear to burn them. For special occasions or times when you want to leave a lasting impression, turn to the soy wax sculptures of Ann Vincent. As a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Ghent, Belgium her candles read more like art than tablescaping ornament. Each piece is poured into moulds and finished with a sculpting knife to impart a handmade feel. She famously collaborated with Jacquemus for its annual pink holiday collection, but her original work is much more paired back.


Maison Balzac


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A fail-safe source for all your tablescaping needs. Maison Balzac is our decorating bread and butter. In the same way that it delivers elegant carafes and vases, the Australian brand comes through with an assortment of dinner candles poured in Sydney. Available in its signature colour palette of muted blue, lilac, beige, pink and cloudy sage, select from a classic tapered style, or from the more eccentric bulbous volute shape. There are also standalone options for those yet to find the candlestick of their dreams.


Studio Billie

Look, I know your here for taper candles — and don't get it twisted, Studio Billie's Dawn and Dusk shapes are some of the best. But if you ever find yourself looking to branch out into more experimental territory, Studio Billie does both. From a candle series based off old ruins or cloud inspired styles, each piece is entirely unique and hand poured in Sydney.


Jolie Laide


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If you're rolling with a dinner candle that can support itself — no candlestick required — Lex Pott's famous infinity candles might just be your flavour. Arriving in outlandish colours and with a promised burn time of 10 hours either side, what else can I tell you? It's a winner.


Queen B

If like me, your heart lay with the uber thin style dinner candle, then may I suggest Queen B? It's pinkie thin Bee Light option is elegant, accessibly priced and robust enough for something of its size. They're unscented and made solely from Australian beeswax. A feast for the eyes.


Hilary Green


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Zany designs for the house proud. Hilary Green's eponymous label is a way for the Melbourne-based ceramicist and painter's passions to coalesce. The domestic collides with fantasy through her hand dipped, soy/beeswax blend candles. Sold in pairs, each candle is said to burn for up to 7 hours and if you're searching for candlestick to match, look no further than her shell-like offering.


Blazed Wax 


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Candy-coloured ombre candles for a dinner party that defies convention. Blazed Wax is the lovechild of two Melbourne-based pals hoping to inject your living space with a splash of joy. Sets of two coming at $28 a pop, with each stick individually poured in the duos Brunswick studio.


Tony Assness

Despite Tony Assness being an elusive figure without a website let alone a bricks and mortar store, he's found a loyal following in Sydney-siders and local florists. Explore his range of standalone beeswax candles at House of Ivory or even Bess in Paddington. We're obsessed.


Nimbin Candle Factory

A well kept secret of RUSSH Fashion and Brand Features Editor, Ella Jane. If you're on the hunt for affordable, good quality taper candles in myriad colours and burning times, then you've hit the waxpot. Buy in one or buy in bulk, either way walk don't run.

Now that you've secured yourself some dinner candles, here are 10 statement candlesticks we're loving right now.

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