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Working from home is here to stay, so we rounded up 16 of the best desks for your WFH set up

best desks for WFH

If you hadn’t already realised, working from home is here to stay. This means, now is the time to update your home office space into more than a temporary situation for a society in limbo. Integral to this set up? A functional, practical yet (obviously) stylish desk for you to spend your days working hard for the money. Gone are the years of bland, chunky workstations made for temporary set ups or for weekends of online shopping. Now, we’re leaning into design trends and principles to create a cohesive space for your WFH set up. Unsure where to start on the hunt for a new desk? Never fear, for we have rounded up 16 of the best desks for WFH that you can shop today.


Koala WFH desk

best desks for WFH

Simplicity is the guiding principle of Koala's design aesthetics, and the aptly named WFH desk is no exception. Sleekly designed, its neutral hues compliment any arrangement whether it be a dedicated space or in a living area as above.

Ikea Lisabo desk

best desks for WFH

Leave it to Ikea to craft a dainty-yet-practical desk ideal for days spent working from home. The flat-pack furniture wizards ensure the Lisabo desk is fit with a drawer for the clutter you don't want to see tabletop.

Vari Desk ProPlus

Vari's Pro-Plus desk is ideal for the person who doesn't know where in their home the will work today. With its portable nature and ability to be used as a stand-up desk, its versatility is what allows this one to be counted as one of the best desks for WFH.

Lounge Lovers Kaspar desk

Because who's desk doesn't look better with a bottle of Campari sitting atop it? Just kidding, but seriously, the Kaspar desk can be repurposed as a side bar or bar table when not in use for work, making it a shape-shifter we can get along with.

Castlery Seb Desk 

best desks for WFH

We are living for the stylish draw and storage the Seb desk brings! In a moodier hue of brown, this offering is ideal for those with books, notepads and stationary aplenty.

Rive Concepts Gia desk

best desks for WFH

For those with a touch more space and wanting to bring the office home with them, look no further than the Gia desk. With optimum surface area for files and technology, space is the hallmark of this design.

Mr Marius Origami desk

Storage, storage and more storage – yes please! An intricately designed desk primed for those looking for an atypical WFH set up.

Living by Design Amara desk

best desks for WFH

The retro accents of the Amara desk ensure it is more than just a piece of furniture, it is a cherished piece of the home. Add a vase of fresh flowers and a candle, and you can't even tell of the hours spent at it furiously typing.

Nexus Office Desk

best desks for WFH

Sleek, suave and oh so sophisticated, the Nexus desk has a contemporary edge to accompany its vintage shape. Picture it in a studio or a loft, alongside copper piping, and its found its home.

Interior Secrets Melissa desk

best desks for WFH

Refined design is the hallmark of Interior Secrets and the Melissa desk is no exception. A no-fuss approach to design, the desk speaks for itself as a reliable workspace for the home.

Life Interiors Simply City desk

A reinvention of the standing desk, additionally equipped with storage and doubling as a coat rack in its spare time.

April and Oak Rochester desk

best desks for WFH

Much like the aforementioned Kaspar desk, think of the Rochester as a chameleon. On weekends, it can be used in entertaining settings and on weekdays the perfect touch of luxury for your WFH set up.

Lounge Lovers Manhattan mid desk

best desks for WFH

Ideal for days spent typing and musing to get the creative juices flowing, we can see ourselves sitting at the Manhattan mid desk with a coffee in hand, ready for the day ahead.

Desky Bamboo Sit/Stand desk

A combination of light and dark wood, the Desky bamboo desk has an electronically controlled adjustable height, meaning you can choose to sit for some of the day and stand for the other. A win for postures across the country.

Casa Vida Isotta desk

With a mid-century sensibility, the Isotta desk is simple in design and primed for afternoons spent working through the final hours of the day before the respite of the evening, making it one of the best desks for WFH.

Rickel Modern desk

With its dual-draw design and light-dark wood combination, the Modern desk is just that: modern. A contemporary reimagination of the desk ideal in its simplicity for WFH.

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