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Bianca Spender opens its newest boutique in the heart of Double Bay

Renowned Australian brand Bianca Spender has opened its newest boutique location, this time on Knox Street in the heart of Double Bay. Conceived with a vision of calm in-mind, Spender herself designed the store with varying tones of subtle sage harmoniously coming together with raw, layered textures.

The sustainable, less waste ethos of Bianca Spender is carried through in the new location, featuring reclaimed furniture alongside a native floral installation by Paddington florist Bess, a permanent fixture in the boutique. Draped monochromatic curtains and uniquely moulded steel racks feature tying into Spender’s style.

With the brand recently announced as the opening brand showing at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week in May, it is an exciting time to pop in and immerse yourself in the new location. Here, we spoke with Spender about the conceptualisation of the store, her approach to decorating and how the new location speaks to the Bianca Spender woman.

How was the experience of conceptualising the new store? Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted, or was this found along the way? 

When we started with this store it was very important to create a haven for people. After the height of COVID lockdowns there was a real sense that there needed to be a delight going in-store and that we all were craving a sense of a deep exhale and space of serenity.

Reclaimed furniture is a darling touch and of course extends to the sustainable ethos of your brand: What other aspects of the design speak to the Bianca Spender woman and brand identity? 

I feel walking into another world speaks to Bianca Spender brand. There’s always a point of difference in the clothes and that builds in layers the more you look at the pieces. This is how impression of store builds upon you.

There’s the saturation of varied shades of greens to textural mid-century details of the reclaimed furniture, and the curves of the racks and native floral sculptures suspended from the ceiling.

bianca spender double bay

How did you ensure there was a harmony between your latest collections and the aesthetics of the boutique?

That’s a really interesting question! I am a person who always has a definite sense of my style and what I love, so I have never found it hard for those elements to have harmony. There's a dialogue between all of them and each time something is added it’s another layer - I look to create juxtaposition, but there’s always a harmony.

What's your approach to thoughtfully decorating a home? Do you have any tips to share?

For me the first thing I always look at is the home itself. I will explore the features of the space and think about pieces that fit harmoniously. I live in a terrace which is very elongated and the furniture we have chosen is rectangle or oval to mimic the nature of the floorplan.

I will always buy a few beautiful pieces to start, and build the room slowly. Each year I will discover a new object which adds another layer and dimension to the space. I love to invest in pieces that have a hand-touch, like ceramics, sculptures that feel organic and can soften a space.

I also love going to the end of season showcases at Art Schools to discover new talent in an accessible and personal way.

bianca spender double bay

What are your favourite local spots around Double Bay when in the area?

Oscar and friends is a fantastic book store and the staff are wonderfully helpful! The Double Bay Organic Food Markets on a Thursday morning and Matteo is one of our favourite eateries to take the kids. I also love to visit Bayside Natural Health Centre when I am in the area.

Finally, are there any further plans for new boutiques around Sydney and Australia? 

Yes! For us it’s very much about experiencing the whole Bianca Spender brand and having an immersive space to connect with our customers.

Bianca Spender Double Bay is located at Shop 24G/2 Knox Street, Double Bay, NSW. 

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