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Holiday Sidewinder’s new song ‘Into The Universe’ is a psychedelic dreamscape


Singer-songwriter and pop provocateur Holiday Sidewinder has released her new single Into The Universe, a psychedelic melodic dreamscape written and produced with collaborator Nick Littlemore that plays on meditative concepts like love, the future, and the human condition.

Into The Universe is a pre-apocalyptic interstellar, psychedelic piece about the power of love and kindness,” explains Sidewinder. “Or whatever you make of it. The lyrics are an extrapolation of Nick Littlemore’s hand scribbled poems that I found in his notebooks. Maybe it’s the hope for place we both long to be; torn between the future, present and the past.”

The track is the first to release from Sidewinder’s upcoming album, Face Of God, and was written over a period of five days at Littlemore’s home studio in Hollywood. A euphonious marrying of disco, nu-wave, and indie-rock, Face Of God's meditative textures are the kinds of sounds we want to lie in bed and listen to when feeling existential.

“I’ve been working with Holiday Sidewinder since she was 15 years old." Nick Littlemore says. "At the time she was fronting Bridezilla, a cult band that went on to grace some of the coolest stages in the world. Holiday is an artist redefining “cool” on her own terms; she doesn’t play any games or follow a typical path. To all that are fortunate enough to meet her or witness her performing they are left changed, swept up by her effortless warmth and power.”

Marching to the beat of her own drum from a very young age, Sidewinder has always been destined for this path. "I have album covers, lyric books, lists of things to pack on tour I made from age five." She told RUSSH. "I truly always knew what I was and what I loved - showbiz. I was singing and dancing 24/7 and dreaming up shows. There was a brief time of rebellion in performing arts high school, where I thought about a career in politics or astronomy (“Studying the stars, of course!” my drama teacher scoffed at me), but I was already touring full-time at that point."

You can listen to her latest masterpiece, below.

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