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We’re spending more time than necessary thinking about Timothée Chalamet’s rumoured new hair

Timothée Chalamet blonde

Timothée Chalamet stans, this one is for you. The Internet rumour mill certainly doesn't rest, and when it comes to celebrity gossip, we are usually as detached as possible. Celebrity gossip about Timothée Chalamet, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that pricks our ears, and boy, do we have a story to report on!

Just kidding, it's just about his hair. Specifically, the fact that the Internet is currently speculating that he has dyed it for a new role.

These rumours are very much TBC, but we'll give it to Timmy stans for the fervour in which they are investigating. Allegedly, celebrity gossip account Deux Moi posted now-expired stories where fans spotted the Call Me By Your Name star out and about with hair that looked as though it was transitioning from his natural dark brown to blonde for his upcoming role in Luca Guadagnino’s cannibal coming-of-age, Bones & All. It looks as though he's pulling a Billie Eilish on this one and going ingocnito until the process is complete.

Deux Moi uploaded an anonymous submission of screenshots of text messages that said that Chalamet had been caught in Palm Springs and that his hair “looks like it’s transitioning from dark to blonde. A very interesting reddish tint right now."

Further to the speculative receipts below, the actors Bones & All co-star Taylor Russell just appeared in Vogue shoot where she donned a 2010 Rihanna-esque ginger pixie cut, serving us the last shred of proof we have that either both of them are in the process of going blonde, or Guadagnino is cooking up a bizarre ginger fantasy for the freaky thriller.



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