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Is Harry Styles releasing new music soon? An investigation

Harry Styles may be all grown up but if there's one thing we've learned it's that his fans, are not. As a former die hard directioner-turned-Harrie, I know the lengths we, as a collective, will go to to find out what the man is cooking up behind the scenes — and mark my words dear pals, the limit does not exist. And if there's one thing we pride ourselves on, it's our ability to spot a carelessly (or deliberately) left clue on social media and weave it into some wider narrative or theory. Want to know what our current one is? Harry Styles is releasing new music soon. Below, find all the evidence to prove it.

Let's start with the biggest easter egg; that TikTok burner account. For the unaware, some strange activity has been cropping up on TikTok of late via @suemonella and @secretsue94. The saga all began when a Harry Styles fan noticed the accounts on their For You Page, immediately clocking the significance of the name Sue, which is the nickname Harry's stylist Harry Lambert has for the singer.

To the untrained eye, the first video on the account looks like no big deal. But for the rest of us, the fruit bowl, that caption, "first tick tock reminds me of vine” paired with the Sharpie-d on cross tattoo, was clearly meant to get a rise from Harry Styles fans across the TikTok-verse. We can confirm it did. Is this Harry leaving us muddy footprints and telling us to follow?

Check the accounts now and you'll find a backstage cameo from Wolf Alice, who are meant to support Harry Styles on his European tour, and perhaps more importantly, the concrete evidence: a Spotify plaque rewarding Harry for Watermelon Sugar receiving one billion streams resting on a table in what looks to be a music studio, and just out of focus as call sheet with the words, “HS3 ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO” and a date: 24/02/22.

What's more is that on that particular date mentioned, paparazzi managed to capture pictures of Harry dressed in a red and black outfit shooting what looked to be a music video. A coincidence? I think not.

Ever since it was announced that Harry Styles was to headline Coachella 2022, a monumental occasion, we've had the distinct feeling that the singer would be releasing new music ahead of the festival. So if these rumours are true, and the TikTok and paparazzi evidence holds up, then not only does it prove that Harry Styles is a master of creating album hype, but it points clearly to the fact that we may be getting a new album soon. When, you ask? We're just going to have to sit tight to find out.

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