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You can now buy Harry Styles’ viral JW Anderson cardigan

The festive season may be upon us, but it's that cardigan worn by Harry Styles that is the gift that keeps on giving. If you missed it, last year the floppy-haired heartthrob rehearsed at the Today Show wearing a patchwork cardi that looked as though it could have been knitted by his gran. Of course, it wasn't. It was a JW Anderson piece Styles' stylist, Harry Lambert, snatched up during a Matches sale and naturally, it had us foaming at the mouths. We think it's partly due to the grip cabin core had on our under-stimulated lockdown brains. But mostly it's because Harry Styles is, forgive me, plain hot.

Needless to say the internet lost its mind over this particularly mumsy bundle of yarn, and so, thousands of dupes were knitted in its honour. On TikTok the #harrystylescardigan has 87.3 million views to date and JW Anderson even released the original pattern on its website. Now, in the year of our lord 2021, the cardigan lives on. In true metaverse fashion, the cardigan has been immortalised into an NFT.

Xydrobe, an NFT platform that specialises in the fashion-oriented is launching a digital copy of the cardi that apparently took around 300 hours to generate alongside the designer. This probably takes the cake on the amount of man hours that went into a copy of this cardigan, and that's saying a lot. Crocheting takes time!

In a statement, CEO of xydrobe, Nell Lloyd-Malcolm, said, “At xydrobe, we provide a place for brands to have their rare and valuable designs recreated digitally. With our knowledge of the luxury space, as well as our skills, and understanding of VFX, we are able to do so without compromising on integrity and vision".

“Introducing our platform to the world with such a pioneering brand, and a piece that captures a pivotal cultural moment, is a dream come true."

At the moment the details of how and when you can bid on the Harry Styles-themed cardigan NFT are being kept under wraps. In the meantime you can register for updates of xydrobes website.

It's not just Harry Styles' cardigan that's been turned into an NFT, the Hermes Birkin and even the World Wide Web have been given the same treatment.

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Image: Pinterest