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Our favourite reactions to that emotionally exhausting ‘Euphoria’ season 2 finale

euphoria finale

Euphoria has rocked us to our core. We plunged into this season thinking we would get another pastel-hued romp through some messy teenage lives. Boy were we wrong. Instead we've been emotionally waterboarded for eight hours only to find no resolutions on the other side. Sam Levinson, consider this a sign that you're officially on notice. But before we launch our petition for Sam Levinson to use a writer's room effective immediately, we need some time to process that finale. From Ashtray's death to Cassie and Maddy's inevitable showdown, it was a lot. And how does our generation deal with vicarious violence, trauma and grief? Through memes of course. That's why below, we're bringing you some of the best reactions to the Euphoria finale. Godspeed.












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