February’s New Moon in Aquarius wants you to set big goals

New Moon in Aquarius 2021

Our next New Moon arrives on the evening of Thursday February 11, although it will be - officially - at zero visibility in the early morning of February 12 at 6:05 am.

New Moons are always a special time of renewal and refresh - the perfect time to start any manifestations, particularly if you're someone who invests in Moon Rituals. But this New Moon will bring us more than our typical Moon event, because this New Moon has settled itself into Aquarius, the innovator.

The Moon joins the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all of which are also currently in Aquarius. With six bodies all in the one sign, the pull towards Aquarius energy has been strong through the previous lunation, but is now amplified even further by the refreshing New Moon. It's a lot.

Aquarius is intelligent. Innovative, open-minded and starry-eyed, Aquarius is a sign that offers a platform to explore the ideas huddled in the backs of our brains - however crazy they may seem. Like a mad scientist, Aquarian energy asks us to embrace the out-of-the-box ideas and open ourselves up to world of possibilities. And this is very, very helpful energy to have around a New Moon.

A time of cleansing, New Moons are the start of a new lunation. During this time, we rid of ourselves of the energies and themes of the previous Moon Cycle and prepare for what's ahead. It is the time we should look to sow the seeds you will eventually reap around the time of the Full Moon. And with Aquarius in full force, pushing us to think big, now is the time to realise your meta goals and take the steps to make your dreams a reality.

This means, go for it! Start planning your own business, even if it seems folly to others. Enroll in that university course. Ask your boss for a development plan. Set up your food blog. Start planning out the big ideas you've always had and set yourself up to achieve your goals. Just remember, Aquarius energy can also inspire a bit of stubbornness. Be aware of this and do try not to let this dull your new sense of open-mindedness. Don't allow yourself to get stuck and set on something for the sake of it. But, generally you'll find it's easier than ever to dream big and think intelligently under the lens of airy Aquarius.

Explore the unexplored. Think the unthinkable. And do what you've always dreamed.


Which signs are affected?

With so much pull toward this one sign, those with a heavy Aquarian influence in their birth charts will feel right at home. But the signs that are less compatible with Aquarian energy, think Pisces, Virgo and Cancer, may feel out of sorts in this moment.  Virgos, so used to order and pragmatism, can find the dreamy, big ideas of Aquarius uncomfortable. Instead, try to see this as a helpful liberation to get you to think beyond what you normally see yourself capable of.

For water signs Pisces and Cancer, Aquarian energy can sometimes be too aloof and obstinate for the sensitive water signs who value empathy and require reassurance. These signs should choose to look for the places in which this energy offers commonality. Aquarius is actually a rather spiritual sign, whether or not many Aquarians understand this of themselves. The Aquarian quest to find answers and their sense of open-mindedness can connect with Cancer and Pisces on a spiritual level. It can help give them the push they need to discover new ideas and expand their natural creativity.


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Image: Siim Lukka on Unsplash