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Shocking new study finds we are all horny for Timothée Chalamet and Paul Mescal

call me by your name

When Timothée Chalamet plucked a peach off his mother's tree in Luca Guadagnino's film adaptation of André Aciman's iconic queer coming-of-age novel, Call Me By Your Namethe average viewer would have thought that it would be consumed momentarily as his character, Elio, strolled through the rambling Italian summer house. Fortunately/unfortunately it was not, and once in the privacy of the family attic, Chalamet promptly de-pips the sodding peach and guides it south for some sweet, swift lovin', crowining it one of the most iconic masturbation scenes in modern film. Now, unsurprisingly - that is, as though Timothée Chalamet fucking a peach wasn't going to rile the entire world up - a study has revealed that this scene is one of the top ten most sxc scenes in modern history. Duh!

Conducted over two weeks by FandomSpot - an online platform for fandoms - the study provided 100 people with heart rate monitors, where they sat in a room alone and watched 50 steamy scenes that FandomSpot’s community had previously voted the horniest. While there are obviously many factors that raise a heart rate, one of them is arousal, which is how FandomSpot came to conclude the results of the study, even though we could have told you so on sheer confidence.

Call Me By Your Name’s peach scene was ranked at number four, with people’s heart rates increasing by an average of 29 per cent, which is to say, people getting inventive with edible sex toys turns people on. That, and the image of Chalamet having a queer fantasy. Also unsurprisingly, folks are the most riled up by our hulking Irish softboi, Paul Mescal, in the final sex scene of Sally Rooney's Normal People, which increased heart rates by 38 per cent, and thankfully cemented that sex scenes grounded in reality and consent have come out triumphant.

The pottery scene from Ghost was next, raising heart rates by 35 per cent, followed by the bed breaking scene from Jessica Jones (not Love Island UK, which was the opposite). Alex and Piper’s first shower scene in Orange Is The New Black increased heart rates by 27 per cent.

So there you have it! Horny for softboi's (and girls) everywhere. If you need an NSFW refresher on the infamous peach scene, you can rewatch, below.


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