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Taking classical music to regions unimagined: Music In The Regions Ltd is finally making classical music accessible

Some may argue that when it comes to music, for many of us, it all started with classical. Whether it be the euphonious symphonies by Ludwig van Beethoven or the softly spoken notes of piano composed by Claude Debussy; the level of beauty and virtue that classical music reigns is ultimately undeniable.

And for so many of us who find ourselves dwelling in and around the city, whether it be through a night at the theatre or a date at the ballet; the thought of living without classical music seems almost unimaginable. The truth stands however, that even in 2021, given that some of us may take these opportunities for granted, places out in regional NSW are still, so far, left without opportunities to experience classical music at all.

This is where a new initiative called Music In The Regions Ltd comes into help. An independent touring organisation chaired by Naseema Sparks will work to connect NSW musicians and professionals to perform in some of the not-so-frequented-cities in regional NSW, transforming town halls into concert halls, and making sure world renown performances in classical music and chamber orchestras become accessible for all.

Also offering more opportunities for emerging artists and small to medium sized classical music companies, Minister Harwin states, "we want to make sure that no matter where you live in NSW, audiences have access to classical music performances, and that we continue to provide career and performance pathways and opportunities for classical musicians and groups, especially at this time when it is needed most."

Following its announcement this week, Music In The Regions Ltd is on the search for its new Executive Director who will see to implement the program and initiative seamlessly. Applications for this role will close on 13th September 2021, with Music In The Regions Ltd initiative set to officially announce its first programming in 2022.


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