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HBO has just dropped bloopers from ‘Euphoria’ season 2, and they’re cute as heck

euphoria bloopers

Let's be honest, there wasn't a lot of room for lightness in the second season of EuphoriaWe were too busy choking back tears and trying not to drown in all the secondhand trauma. On set it was a different story. HBO just dropped a blooper reel that gives us a glimpse behind the scenes, with candid shots of actors forgetting lines and swearing – a lot.

The nearly-four minute reel is really quite sweet. We get to see the closeness between Zendaya and Hunter Schafer as they break out in laughter while recreating the Brokeback Mountain scene, or say, the iconic clay-throwing moment from Ghost. Another shot shows them kissing by some trash cans and once it's over, the two look at each other and say "that was so cute".

Angus Cloud accidentally lists his personal phone number while reciting it to Maude Apatow, or Lexi. Dominic Fike is harassed by a bug in one scene and Alexa Demie teaches the young boy she's babysitting to say "Maddy is a great player" in an English accent in another. There's a shot of Zendaya struggling to knock over a garbage bin while inside it, and a fair few more clips of her stacking it while running. Barbie Ferreira pokes her tongue out and Jacob Elordi forgets his lines. It's nice to know that while we rocking ourselves to sleep in the foetal position, these hot young actors were having the time of their lives.

Either way, it's nice to hear from the team behind Euphoria while they're busy creating season three. And if they thought this was enough to tide us over and remind us of its existence, it worked.

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