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Brace yourselves for the Bama Rush documentary currently in the works

bama rush documentary

The viral, somewhat confronting and full! of! energy! Bama Rush sorority recruitment week at the University of Alabama is getting its own documentary from Vice Studios and Hulu. Yet to be titled, the documentary is currently in production in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where Rush Week has recently finished after more than 2,500 students rushed 19 sororities. 

What is the plot of the Bama Rush documentary?

As per The New York Times, the Bama Rush documentary has allegedly been in the works since Bama Rush was first popularised on TikTok during the 2021 recruitment week. For those unacquainted or needing a memory jog, common videos you may have seen of the trend include prospective sorority members showing their outfits for Rush Week, alongside coordinated dances with other members. While the plot proper is unknown at this stage, it is expected much of what is showcased on TikTok will form the basis of the content, likely interpolated with interviews from hopeful and current sorority members as some had previously told The Times they were approached by Vice for interviews as part of the Bama Rush documentary. 

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Director Rachel Fleit says the documentary is a look at the 2022 sorority system and how young women engage with different sororities. 

“This film is a thoughtful and compassionate portrayal of young women in 2022 as they rush the sorority system at the University of Alabama,” Fleit said in a statement via Vice, which was first provided to The New York Times for an Aug. 12 story that confirmed the doc is filming.

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What’s worth noting is Bama Rush is overwhelmingly white, with only nine per cent of sorority candidates identifying themselves as racial or ethnic minorities. Since the #RushTok trend went viral in 2021, former sorority members have come forward with reasons for why they left their sororities, commonly citing reasons like bullying,  discriminations and fines. 

When does the Bama Rush documentary release in Australia?

A release date for the Bama Rush documentary is still to be announced. 

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