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Ace Hotel is the place to stay when you’re in a New York state of mind

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New York City needs no introduction. Like many fables around place in pop culture – the actor trying their luck in Hollywood, a woman finds herself in India – this city's own has sung, painted and skated its way into our hearts. Often before we've ever laid eyes on it in the flesh. Does it hold true? That's for you to decide. So, for the times when you're in a New York State of mind, Ace Hotels is the place to call home.


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Occupying a turn-of-the-century landmark in Midtown, Manhattan the twelve-story hotel welcomes you with open arms, standing as a refuge for you during your time in the Big Apple. Just like its outposts across the bridge in Brooklyn, over in New Orleans, Portland, and even Sydney, the hotel has distilled the spirit of the city and splashed it on its own walls. The result is effortless, yet intentional.

Each room is decorated with original art and vintage furniture, a move that only adds to the warmth of Ace Hotels New York. Some even come equipped with a turntable and a curious selection of records to tune into. There's accessible rooms for all who need them and a delightfully curated minibar to get you in the mood.


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Parquet flooring lines its Liberty Hall, an event space perfect for hosting gallery exhibitions and live music or to toast personal milestones like a birthday or wedding. While its loft suites offer a solution for the more intimate gatherings. And what's an Ace Hotel without a ripping restaurant? The Lobby will keep you watered and well-fed, and if you're not feeling up to the task of braving New York in all its complexities, then stay awhile here. Especially on Thursday onwards as live DJ sets take over the space.

New York City may be the destination, but Ace Hotel is one in and of itself. Explore your options at Ace Hotel New York's website.

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Image: Ace Hotels