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No thoughts, just Drew Barrymore’s style over the years

drew barrymore style

In the conversation about 90s style, names like Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow tend to get thrown around. But why on earth aren't we talking about Drew Barrymore? Dig an inch and you're bound to find a spring of images that vouch for Barrymore's singularly cool style.

Although, we'd ask if it's really a surprise? Every royal needs a wardrobe to get people talking, and as a member of Hollywood's most decorated family, this queen of the screen has us discussing nothing else. Each look tells a story. That bixie cut and those over-plucked brows? They speak to the wild child label that's always fixed to young actors who come of age in the public eye. As for the body-skimming slips? An actor who came up in the world, with nothing to be but completely herself.

From her earlier, well-documented love for washed denim, chokers and dark lipstick to the way this translated on the red carpet into old glamour meets grunge, Drew Barrymore's style has hooked our hearts, line and sinker. Below, we're carving out a little space to the icon, because if Winona and Gwyneth can glean the spotlight, Drew can too. Continue scrolling for our favourite Drew Barrymore style moments.

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Otherwise, let's take a moment for the fact that what's old is new again to sink in. We're talking skinny eyebrows and bleached ones too, brown lip liner and heartthrob bobs, it's all here to haunt us once more.

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One: Drew Barrymore by Mikel Roberts in 1992

Two: Drew Barrymore at the 1993 Billboard Music Awards