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We’re mad for the 90s bixie haircut


When the TikTok algorithm sends us a new 90s hairstyle, we listen. And one that's been cropping up all over our feeds of late is the bixie. A portmanteau of the words pixie and bob, the style incorporates the choppy, cropped layers of the former with the below-ear length of the latter. The result harks back to all the dream girls of the 90s; think Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary, Drew Barrymore in Mad Love and naturally, Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.


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To break it down even further, the bixie is an edgier, more defined older sibling of the hearthrob bob, and equally as nostalgic. It's the girl next door meets Rizzo. But the beauty of the style is found in its versatility. It makes for a great pit stop for those growing out their pixie cut and it's the perfect middle ground for anyone that's tossing up on committing to a mullet. It's grungy yet still retains a romantic softness.


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Although the salad days of the bixie can be traced back to the nineties, we've witnessed a kind of renaissance of the style among models, musicians, celebrities and TikTokers alike. From Big Thief vocalist Adrianne Lenker's paired-back entry into the genre, actor Rowan Blanchard's gamine interpretation and model Yana Bovenistier's sophisticated take, there's a bank of inspiration on standby if you're craving a big chop.


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And after the rigmarole of the last few years, slicing off any excess baggage (even if it's your hair), may just be the kind of symbolic gesture we need to start anew. So take the plunge. Reinvent yourself. Book in with your stylist and ask for a bixie.

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