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Why we’ll always return to the 90s style of forever icon, Hope Sandoval

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Fade into you. Few are immune to the voice of Hope Sandoval. Hers is hypnotic and heady, the reason why all these years later we still return to the dream pop of Mazzy Star. For all who have fallen under her spell, you will recognise that the front woman's sonic prowess is only half the story. It's hard to look past the personal style of Hope Sandoval. In fact, we wouldn't want to. After all, no one does quintessential 90s dressing as effortless as her.

Think baby tees, cardigans, midi skirts with a bare midriff, mesh long sleeves, knee high boots — a medley of all our favourite silhouettes of the era. All of this blended together with a heaping spoon of mystery, a harmonica and two plaits to frame the face. That's the recipe for our dream girl, the ever iconic Hope Sandoval, and here at RUSSH we're taking notes.

Below, we've rounded up our favourite 90s style moments from the enigmatic singer-songwriter, Hope Sandoval.







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