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Bottega Veneta Oasis issue

"Nighttime drive on the homeward stretch to you

Sitting on a land slide, speeding through the linear view

Knuckles go white as I’m gripping the bars,  I do

Blue and red headlights, streaks in the windscreen dew"

BOTTEGA VENETA dress, shoes and earrings.


Bottega Veneta Oasis issue

Left: BOTTEGA VENETA shoes, bag and rings. Right: BOTTEGA VENETA rings.


bottega veneta oasis issue

Left: BOTTEGA VENETA bag. Right: BOTTEGA VENETA pants, shoes, earrings and rings.


"Curves and the bends make the palm trees warp with speed

Smoking in the back seat waiting  

for the sun to bleed

Taking each turn, as the back tires burn and melt 

Flying through the star scape ,  freedom that you never have felt"

Left: Matilda wears BOTTEGA VENETA top and ring. Alex wears BOTTEGA VENETA top. Right: BOTTEGA VENETA coat and bag.


BOTTEGA VENETA shoes and bracelet.


"Phantom in the sky ,

raining tears from his eyes

Kamikazi flight, 

And war in the night

Military man 

with the gun in his hand

Phantom in the sky , 

raining tears from his eyes

Underground maze, 
and the distant grey haze, 

tunnels in the dirt

and the blood remains

Rosary beads 

And I’m saved from the rain,     

Blood runs deep, 

deep in the Caves"


bottega veneta oasis issue

BOTTEGA VENETA coat and earrings.




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Matilda wears BOTTEGA VENETA coat, earrings and ring. Alex wears BOTTEGA VENETA top and rings.
FASHION Hannah Cooper
TALENT Matilda Dods @ Priscillas and Alex Wall
PHOTOGRAHER’S ASSISTANTS Alex Johnstone and Bianca Edwards


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