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Bottega Veneta gives back to small businesses this holiday season

Bottega for Bottegas

'Tis the season of giving back, and Bottega Veneta – after another magnificently successful year despite the brand wiping their footprint from social media – has decided to use its saturated platform to amplify the work of fellow Italian artisans with their initiative, Bottega for Bottegas.

The Italian house will hand its platforms over to the twelve bottegas selected from across Italy, giving them the ability to take over Bottega Veneta's website, physical retail spaces, advertising spaces and newsletters. Bottega Veneta wanted to ensure that this initiative was not just a campaign for optics, but one that was happening in real life by removing all of their products online and in-store for the duration of the initiative.

“We are proud to offer worldwide visibility to these ‘Bottegas’ that are deeply rooted in Italian culture, specially at a time where smaller entities continue to be impacted by the pandemic. It is with honor that we have passed on our [platforms] and we hope that this will further highlight their excellence at a global level,” Bartolomeo Rongone, the CEO of Bottega Veneta, said in a press release.

Among the array of shops is Bottega Enza Fasano. Daughter of Southern Italian ceramics master Nicola Fasano, Enza carries on her family’s legacy by bringing her abstract style to the delicate pieces. Bottega Cantina Bisson by Pierluigi Lugano, a Ligurian winemaker who created his first batch at six years old, who, after promptly being scolded for underage drinking, has gone been credited with being among the first to revive native Ligurian wines.

The Bottega for Bottegas initiative, each with their own unique story, will be available to shop and explore throughout the holiday season. Bottega Krumiri Rossi is even included, whose biscuits were so beloved by Bill Clinton, he wrote about them in a letter in 1998.

Committed to using its fame for good, Bottega Veneta will share its platforms with a new host of Italian shops each year.

Visit Bottega Veneta's website over the holiday season to discover the twelve bottegas selected this year. Watch the film below.

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