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As it turns out, Y2k hair is here to stay – we speak to an expert on how to nail this hair trend

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There's no denying that just like the early 2000s, Y2k has taken over in a way we would never expected. Significantly so on the 2022 runways of our favourite designers, but also in our undying thirst for reboots of our favourite films and television shows. While some might believe it's best to leave what's done in the past, many of us are embracing this hit of nostalgia more than we ever might have thought. With our celebrity crushes leading the way, Y2k hair has become one of the biggest trends to surface from the early 2000s revival, and we're completely here for it.

What started off as a slow burner – butterfly clips, bandanas and the like – has since erupted into a full return to the iconic money piece. How did we get here so quickly? No one truly has the answer. Is TikTok to blame? Most likely. Regardless, there's never been a better time to get creative and a touch playful with your hair.

But just like any trend, we've enlisted the help of those who know it best to guide us through. Whether you're committed to embracing Y2k hair in all its forms, or would prefer to take things step-by-step, the experts at The Salon Edit answer all our questions.


The Y2k trend has become a major focus in all aspects of pop culture and style. How has this translated in the salon?

The Y2k trend has definitely become a prominent request in the salon over the last year or so. We've mainly seen a lot of our clients looking for an extra pop of light colour around the face – that 90s face framing which as we know is so signature of the era. It's probably one of our most popular services at the moment, as well as many clients adding playful accessories and clips to their usual styling which we are loving.


What are three key tips to nailing Y2k hair?

Some people might not realise this, but nailing the casual, effortless and fun nature of Y2k hair actually requires some consideration and planning. Three tips we always go back to when teaching our clients about achieving the perfect look are:

1. Start off by ensuring you have the right tools – this is crucial as it can make or break your look.
2. Don't be afraid to accessorise. This was a key mark of Y2k hair and you can find a range of different clips and additions depending on just how far you want to go.
3. Surprisingly, the cut of your hair is actually the most important part of nailing Y2k hair. Just like any hairstyle, the foundation has to be right before you start experimenting.


Is there a particular colour trend that is more popular than others?

We've definitely noticed more of preference towards colour blocking and of course, the unforgettable front money piece. The pop around the face is iconic.


For those not ready to fully commit to Y2k hair, how can they incorporate more subtle moments into their existing hairstyle?

The great thing about leaning into Y2k hair trends is that you can really adapt your look based on your level of commitment. For anyone who isn't quite ready to go all in, we recommend a more subtle, lived-in colour which is more reminiscent of that 'girl next door' look. Accessories are also a really easy and temporary way to get your Y2k fix.


What’s your favourite Y2k hairstyle and why?

No matter how much time passes, we just can't get over that signature Jennifer Aniston hair cut. It's a style that has truly lasted the test of time, and that overly-layered look with a bouncy blowdry will always been on trend.


Do you think Y2k hair will still be as big in 2022?

As we've seen in recent years, Y2k trends are constantly reinventing themselves. When it comes to hair, it might not always be the exact same style or look, but the inspiration will always be there. We only have to look at the coveted 'face pop'. Face framing has been around for years, but every time it comes back differently. That's the key to Y2k's ongoing popularity.

Ready to try your hand at replicating Y2k hair trends yourself? Here are some of our favourite sources of inspiration.


A butterfly clip (or two) for good measure


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For that unmistakable two-toned look


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A side-swept high-pony for the ages


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Face-framing pigtails are the Y2k dream


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The 2021 Jennifer Aniston


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