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Capricorn, Capricorn. Oh wherefore art thou Capricorn?

Seeing as it's the beginning of Cap season, and with Venus planting her sultry little paws into retrograde. We thought of no better opportunity than to look into the the wonderful world of star sign synastry and find that certain je ne sais quoi (aka zodiac compatibility) that links you to your perfect celebrity soulmate. Here you'll find the best recommendation for you along with a few of our favourite's who inhabit them.



Our fiery Mars maiden who looks to conquer all those who dare meet them on their path. The Aries is bold, courageous and forceful and whether they're a sun, moon or rising chances are you'll know who to call when challenges are on the horizon. If you're an Aries Look to your sister signs Leo & Sagittarius for instant recognition, but fellow youthful signs like Gemini make for an equally sparkly one on one connection. But reader beware, the runner chaser dynamic is on fire here! Powerhouses like Lady Gaga and Kristen Stewart call this sign home, while Paul Rudd is our CEO of all things big Aries energy.



Our pleasure seeking, earth angel. The Taurus is ruled by Venus and planted in all things nature. The Taurean loves mother earth, and if you're looking for a partner to indulge with look no further, the Taurus knows how to please the senses. You'll find them in their kitchen surrounded by the Italian aroma's from their latest Stanley Tucci cookbook. The stabiliser needs someone they can enjoy the finer things with. Signs like Capricorn, Virgo and fellow fixed sign Scorpio are a good bet. Sultry Gigi Hadid has her sun sign in the earthbound sign as well as queen Lizzo and the wonderful mayhem that is Iggy Pop.



Rapid fire wit, talk is never cheap here with our little Gemini friend. They are the master communicators of the zodiac many of who will be the first to tell you this. The most adaptable of the mutable signs, these Mercury ruled peeps are in constant need of intellectual stimulation. They require a paramour who they can spar with over, and over again, like that of an Aquarius or Sagittarius who recognise this same intellectual frequency. It's true that all men and women who wear capes are in fact Gemini's thank you Troy Sivan, Tom Holland and madam Stevie Knicks.



The feelers, the ones we need to feel nurtured by and held tightly as we weep softly listening to Adele's latest instalment. Our moon goddesses Cancer love to be at home and in their creature comforts. They need a partner who gets this about them, someone who isn't afraid to smoke bomb a party and will gladly spend all morning tending to the wicks of their Le Labo Candle. For this look no further than your Pisces family, the fellow empaths or even a Capricorn who even in direct opposition can be a worthy yin to your yang. We love our Cancer men and women alike, talking about you Solange and Jacob Elordi.



It's all happening! No doubt a common phrase in the Leo vernacular, they are quite literally the life of the party. Our Sun, we other mere members of the zodiac are just in their orbit. Or how many Leo's like to think. In truth, the Leo does require a mate who can keep up with their showman sensibilities and grandiose creative escapades. They are of course the sign of the 5th house which embodies all things fun, creativity and romance. For this reason their sextile mate Libra is the perfect social counterpart for their many life moments, or alternatively their sister sign Sag where a healthy battle of egos is never without surprises. Cara Delevingne know a thing or two about this as does our royal highness Jason Momoa.



Acts of service, say it with me now. This love language should be written at the top of every Virgo's diary. They are the organisers, the planners, the analysts. You'd be hard pressed to not find a Virgo mate who isn't looking for these same traits in their partner. They love a fixer upper but woe betied if you leave your dirty dishes out. Fastidious partners like fellow workhorse Capricorn, would fit like a glove which for a Virgo is necessary. Like fellow Mercurial Gemini they require a partner who has a great intellect and even more so, someone who will understand this about them. For this reason, these two can make a great and unlikely combo. Thank you for your service, Zendaya and Keanu Reeves.



Ah Libra, our featherlight social butterfly, the the most tactful of the air signs. Diplomacy in spades, and they will be the first one to talk to every person at the soiree. The second of the two signs ruled by Venus, they require romance and harmony like they need air. Funny, seeing as they are the air sign who spends the most time weighing up scenarios in their head. For this reason class and sophistication will be something on the partnership agenda for them. Their air counterpart Gemini is the perfect judge, jury and executioner for their lawyer like energy. But Leo makes a welcome counterpart, for there is no better fashion power couple! St Vincent, Halsey and Donald Glover. Three Libran's we'd love to have pull up a seat at the very aesthetic table.



Scorpio, the devil in disguise, the deepest waters run deep here in the last of the fixed signs. There is so much to say about their sex appeal, but of course that's not the only thing that's on the agenda with these glorious angels of death. The most perceptive of the signs, they know how to read people, and if you're looking for a partner who you can share all your deepest darkest fears with then the Scorpio mate is the one for you. They are committed so fellow mutable signs this may not be for you. Fixed signs like Taurus and Aquarius can make for a naturally in tune partnership, as well as fellow water lords Cancer & Pisces. Adam Driver, Frank Ocean and Lorde please take us back down to Hades!



The global travellers, we love nomad vibes and we know that being around a Sag is what we are in for here. You'll never be bored in their presence. The higher minded of all the fire signs they love to dish it out with someone who can take it right back. It's a blunt world for a Sag and if you're not down for a lot of satire with a side dish of seriousness this isn't the sign for you. They love a partner they can create adventure with, they seek new horizons daily and want to feel new and creative energy with their partner. For this reason we can't look past a Leo, Aries or even an adaptable Pisces who could jump ship any minute. Zoë Kravitz, Emma Corrin and our personal favourite here, Jonah Hill all have the archer as their sign.



They love to work for it, nothing for a Cap comes for free and no more so than a partnership. These Saturnian's know a thing or two about being tested in all areas of life and for them all good things worthy of them take time. Expect to have a relationship that's a bit of a slower burn here. But when they find their special someone it's usually locked in for life. Naturally, a fellow hard worker like Virgo or Taurus makes for a perfect match, but a sign like Aquarius who's original native ruler also governs Saturn could offer some steady balance to their semisextile counter-part. Camille Rowe and Timothée Chalamet are the real goats here.



Rebel, rebel, we love an Aquarius for their constant fight for humanity. However, the water bearer can be surprisingly emotionally detached, so Cancer's and Pisces beware. These are objective masterminds of the zodiac and they see all the pieces on the chess board before you've made your first move. You best be a logical, independent person if you want to keep up a romantic connection with these ones. Aries, and Gemini are a good mix for these wildly autonomous folk. Harry Styles, and Yara Shahidi we see you, you wild unconventional beasts!



The last of the zodiac, but never the least. Pisces our empathic, psychic soul brothers and sisters. Their transmutable energy is something so beautiful to be around. Neptune ruled, they are the wise, visual artists of the zodiac. We see here the sweetest match for them lies within their water sign brethren, that or a mutable sign like Virgo or Sagittarius who can mould with the energy. Rihanna and Oscar Issac bring the energy we are looking for here.


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