True romance: Your love horoscopes for 2022 are in and here’s what to expect

love horoscopes 2022

Astrology and Romance: they go together like gin and tonic, spa and eucalyptus. In the spirit of the New Year, we thought it sagacious to forecast your love transits for 2022, so that, in the words of the great Kenny Rogers, you’ll “know when to hold' em, know when to fold' em, know when to walk away, know when to run.”

But first, a glossary of terms. When speaking about romance in a chart, the most important planets, in our view, are Jupiter (the spiritual dimension of love) and Saturn (love’s durability). After these heavyweights, Venus, of course, deals with affection (how to give and receive it), while Mars centres around libido and sex drive (but also around the disharmonious aspects of being with someone–confrontations, harshness).

Regarding romance sectors in a chart, the most salient would probably be the axis connecting the 1st House of Ego, Self, Identity to its opposite, the 7th House of Partnerships/Marriage. What’s going on transit-wise in your ego sector directly affects what’s happening in your partnerships and vice versa. If, for example, belligerent Mars is prominent in the 1st (battling with oneself), this will clearly impact 7th House relationships, too. After this 1st and 7th House axis, the other area to be aware of would be the lovely 5th House of Romance and Fun–a sector that speaks for itself.

With these basic coordinates in mind, let’s look at 2022 per sign.



Your sweet spot this year spans May to October, when expansive Jupiter bounds into the Ram, highlighting your Ego and Identity sector (and aspecting your 7th House of Partnerships). Jupiter will bring serendipity and spiritual love vibes to your 1st House–both of which we can never have enough of. With Jupiter aiding and abetting your hard-charing nature, you may be extra forward when it comes to asking someone out during this period, so don’t be shy, not that you ever are. Along with Mercury, Venus, and a New Moon (28 July), the Sun energises your 5th House of Romance during Leo season (July 22nd to August 22nd). With Jupiter in your sign and making a trine to all these planets, expect this season to be the romantic climax of your year, so to speak.


All this year, quirky Uranus hits the half-way mark of a long transit through your Ego and Identity sector. Mid-points in a transit intensify a planet’s influence, so weird-in-a-good-way Uranus could have you feeling very un-Taurean in 2022. As such, think about applying this unconventional energy to your world of romance. If you tend toward nerdy types who read Proust by candlelight before bed, go for a surfer who could teach you something different about the tides of your heart. Uranus energy wants you to escape your Bullish comfort zone. Your best season to find someone who can show you new things you don’t know about (and vice versa) will be Virgo time when the Sun lights up your 5th House of Romance (August 22 to September 22).


Take advantage of smooth astrological sailing from January to October because the last couple months of the year gets a bit tricky for love. On October 30th, belligerent Mars goes retrograde in your sign and opposes your partnership sector until January 8. Mars retrogrades are associated with confrontational or stymied energy in relationships. During them, the joys of hand-holding can turn more toward the dystopia of finger-pointing. Your hot spot for romance is Libra season (September 22 to October 23rd), when the Sun pumps up your 5th House of Fun. Seeing that Libra season is inherently all about partnerships and pairing (the Scales), this could be an especially fortuitous transit for the Twins (also inherently double).


With expansive Jupiter-in-Pisces impacting your travel sector for most of the year, think about hitting the road to find some luck in love (or to galvanise an already existing relationship). In this regard, consider some place oceanic (Pisces energy is watery and fluid–it doesn’t like inland terrain). If a journey is not in the cards, Jupiter could also manifest in meeting people from different places who have seen the world from refreshing angles. Your best month for romance will be Scorpio season (October 23 to November 22). The Sun highlights your 5th House of Fun this month. Ruled by libidinous Mars, Scorpio is also an inherently sexual season. Scorpio+5th House=intense.


Love could have a more serious tone for you this year with Saturn hanging out in your relationship zone all year. When it comes to romance, Saturn is the disapproving mother who sees through the foppish pretensions of your suitors. You may resent her judgments, but, in the end, you recognise the truth of them, and, as such, ultimately respect their trenchancy. With Saturn in the picture, therefore, you could very well gravitate toward partners who are looking for long-term relationships. This can also be a year of making things formal: engagements, moving in, and the like. Saturn loves formalities and structure. But lest things seem too stuffy, you have a lot of romance indicated during Sagittarius season (November 23rd to December 21). That’s when the Sun camps out in your Fun House. Sagittarius is already a wild time, so buckle-up then: the roads can get slippery when wet.


To the Virgins: make much of time, for expansive Jupiter-in-Pisces limns your 7th House of Partnerships until May 10th. This is a transit of more emotional openness and accessibility in current relationships, of more understanding, of more compassion. Jupiter has an almost spiritual or holy valence when well placed, as it is for you to start 2022. Indeed Jupiter crossing over the 7th is associated with wedding bells and/or deeper commitment. If deeper commitment sounds too heavy, the Sun highlights your 5th House of Romance for all of Capricorn season next year (December 21st to January 20th). Do something fun and unexpected with your partner then, or do something fun and unexpected to find romance, if you’re looking for it.


Romance is interesting for you in May. That’s when lovely Venus, your ruling planet, enters Aries (May 2nd to May 28th). Venus is said to lose its dignity in the forward-charging Ram. You may get more attention (dates, Tinder) but with an extra dollop of crassness due to Aries energy (booty calls instead of concert halls). Indeed Venus-in-Aries favours the fast and furious over the slow art of seduction. But it is an excellent time for single Libras to be proactive about getting into relationships. This theme of proactiveness continues as libidinal Mars moves into your relationship sector on May 25th, heating it up until July 5. Mars is extremely dignified in the sign of Aries (heroic, courageous, chivalrous) so it makes up for Venus’s debilitation. Either you or people in your life will be very forward yet noble about intentions. You may find yourself attracted to people with more Martian qualities, then, too: fiery types, rougher hewn.


Jupiter, the Great Benefic, enters into compassionate Pisces and your 5th House of Fun from December 29th until May 10th. Collect your trophy, for you have won the romance game. Jupiter is extremely fertile in Pisces and the conditions are ripe for growth in the amour department during this transit. From May 28th to June 22nd, you also have Venus-in-Taurus entering your 7th House of Partnerships. Again: very strong indications for affection, relationships, and love. Starting January the stars are betokening fun and romance that could grow into more lasting relationships come late May. Put your stinger away and welcome Jupiter’s loving apricot-hued light into your life.


The best time for romance, Archer? May 10th to October 28th. That’s when your ruling planet, Jupiter, transits your 5th House of Fun. Let the games begin. But here’s the thing: the Luck-giver will have fire-starter Aries working with it these months. This placement might push your ruling planet into excess mode. Indeed if unchecked, Jupiter can get dissolute, eating too many snacks and looking for more wine at the after party. Will this be a romance transit of cheap merlots and Cool Ranch Doritos? If yes, let the games begin come May.


Venus is hanging out in your sign for the first quarter of the year (lucky you). Though the start of 2022 may be more about looking back to look forward (Venus is retrograde for most of the month), the Love planet goes direct on January 28th. Between then and March 6th is a strong time for potential romance with someone new or deepening bonds with a partner, particularly during the Venus/Mars conjunction on the 19th of February. That day, you will be feeling all in sync with your animalistic desires (Mars) and romantic impulses (Venus): a yin-yang of lust and love letters. Taurus season (April 20th to May 21st) marks your best time for fun and entertainment, as the Sun navigates your 5th House of Romance.


Another year of serious Saturn for you. Indeed the tight-lipped Schoolmaster is in your sign and opposing your 7th House of relationships for all of 2022. While this transit doesn’t exactly equal fun and romance, Saturn rules durability and commitment, meaning that this is a year to let fairy floss suitors melt away in favour of rock candy. There will be some fun and games to be had nonetheless. Even the Schoolmaster allows for recess. Your play-time will be Gemini season, when the frisky Sun crests your 5th House of Romance. Enjoy this break from your lessons in Saturn’s tough love.


We have all been a little parched without water sign energy over the past few years, but you in particular, Fishes, have been gasping in the cold air. That should change with your ruling planet, generous Jupiter, entering your sign from the start of the year until May 10th. During this placement, you’ll be able to express more freely your native compassion, kindness, and sensitivity, all of which should radiate outward from your 1st House to your 7th House of relationships. This is a “merging” transit. You and Jupiter eschew boundaries, including those between Self/Other, so some sort of deeper spiritual union of souls could be indicated by this transit. Cancer season ( June 21st to July 22nd) augurs another moment of allure, too, as the Sun ambulates through your 5th House of Romance that month. Emotional Cancer season+compassionate Pisces could be a prime moment to fall deeply for someone with poetry to their step.

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