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Halle Berry is rolling with the punches in the new trailer for ‘Bruised’

Halle Berry is all-time. A queen of the first water in both film and 90s style - we simply cannot get enough of her. Which is lucky as we've just received our first glimpse of her in the trailer for Bruised and it's safe to say Halle is giving it, and us, her all.

Snapped up by Netflix for an eye-watering sum of 20 million USD (let's be real, if we had that kind of money we'd probably spend it trying to get closer to Halle too), Bruised is a Halle Berry bonanza-type thing. What do we mean by that? Not only does she star in the lead role but she's steering the project also, signalling her directorial debut.



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So what is Bruised even about? It's giving Rocky Balboa meets Million Dollar Baby energy. According to Deadline, Halle plays Jackie Justice, a down and out mixed martial arts fighter who left the sport years earlier, disgraced and a laughing stock. When we're introduced to her, she's older "simmering with rage and regret" and working as a janitor. That is until she's pressured into a savage underground fight by her boyfriend Desi and her performance is clocked by a fight league promotor. She's back in the game, baby! But the situation becomes more complicated when Manny, the son she left as an infant - turns up at her doorstep following his fathers death.

As you can imagine, Manny's appearance at first winds Jackie. But from what we can see in the trailer, his presence eventually fortifies her, giving her the determination and drive needed to rise up through the ranks of MMA a second time. It's a story about redemption and Halle plays the scrappy, underdog well - although we never doubted she would.

Bruised will debut on Netflix on November 24 and you can watch the trailer below.

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