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Phoebe Dynevor is back with another period drama, this time portraying iconic ceramicist Clarice Cliff

Will we ever tire of seeing Phoebe Dynevor don a bonnet and step back in time? If you're asking a period drama fan like myself, the answer is always, never. That's not say Phoebe doesn't have range, the gal recently signed on to Naiose Dolan's Rooney-esque novel adaptation. But given her track record for having us glued to our screens at the hint of an old timey accent, her latest role has us squealing, albeit internally. The film in question? A biopic titled The Colour Room and we now have the trailer.

Based on the life of Art Deco ceramicist, Clarice Cliff, The Colour Room is a feminist retelling of the impact she made on the art world with her vibrant and geometric pottery.

According the Deadline, it follows Clarice as "she breaks the glass ceiling and revolutionises the workplace in the 20th century." When we first lay eyes on Dynevor's Clarice in The Colour Room we meet a "vivacious young factory worker in the industrial British midlands, bursting at the seams with ideas for colours and shapes". As the film progresses, "Clarice takes more and more dangerous risks – but she manages to stay one step ahead of the workhouse and impress the eccentric factory owner on the way with her talent and innovation."

Dynevor is joined by Matthew Goode, who plays the factory owner Colley Shorter. In roles alongside them are David Morissey, Rachel Shenton, Bronwyn James, Kerry Fox, and Darci Shaw, while Claire McCarthy is taking the reins as director.

For those eager to add another Phoebe Dynevor performance to their watch list, The Colour Room will premiere on Sky TV on November 12. At the moment there's no word on a US release, or how to watch in Australia, but as always we'll keep you updated.

You can watch the trailer for The Colour Room below.

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