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David Fincher is working on a surprise netflix documentary series, ‘Voir’

david fincher voir

David Fincher is emerging once again to collaborate with Netflix on a new documentary series of six visual essays which will celebrate cinema, titled 'Voir'. “Something special is coming tomorrow from David Fincher…” tweeted Netflix of the upcoming project.

Fincher is executive producing alongside director David Prior , and so far, has been tight lipped about the upcoming title. Writer Drew McWeeny, who is working on the project, wrote that the series of 10 to 30-minute essays are about “something that intrigues us or upsets us or that has to do with our connection to the movies.”

We do however, have a premiere date of  November 13 at AFI Fest in Los Angeles before it lands on Netflix on December 6, 2021.

“I’ve never been happier working at a place than I am at Netflix,” Fincher told Variety in a cover story when he worked on Mank. “It’s a nice thing that movies have a place to exist where you don’t necessarily have to shove them into spandex summer or affliction winter.”

For those who aren't familiar with Fincher, he is responsible for some of cinema's biggest modern titles, including Fight Club, The social Network, Zodiac, and Madonna's Vogue music video. He also worked with Netflix more recently on Mindhunter and House Of Cards.

Who can we expect cameos from in Voir? So far, we know that film critics Walter Chaw and Drew McWeeny will appear throughout the episodes. Joining them is writer and animator Taylor Ramos, as well as blogger Sasha Stone and editor and writer Tony Zho.

You can find the goosebump-inducing trailer for Voir, below.

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