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Bread Beauty Supply CEO Maeva Heim on taking a ‘less is more’ approach to beauty

When it comes to beauty Maeva Heim likes to keep it simple. After all, the odd hours needed to run a global beauty brand don't exactly pair well with a 20-step skincare routine. As the CEO and Creative Director of cult label Bread Beauty Supply, Heim is a little bit biased when it comes to the haircare she reaches for. And if we were her, we'd feel the same.

Bread is a real game changer for curly-haired folks. Where previously those gifted with texture and coiled locks would have to jump through endless hoops to procure the products needed to nourish their hair, Bread offers a thoughtful, clean, cute, and most importantly, hardworking alternative. For anyone who had begun to dread wash day, welcome to your new staple.

We caught up with Maeva Heim to discuss her beauty essentials, from Liberty Belle skincare to Fluff's ever popular bronzer. Below, Maeva shares her go-to beauty hack for when she's feeling rundown and why we should all be paying closer attention to our scalp.


What is your morning beauty routine? 

For most things in life, I generally take a ‘less is more’ approach, and my beauty routine is no different. Most mornings I’ll do a quick beauty routine (cleanse face, brush teeth, refresh hair, quick makeup) before getting stuck in video calls.  

I use mostly Liberty Belle skincare (gentle cream cleanser, moisturizer, face oil, sunscreen), along with a few other favorites that I interchange with (Go-To, of course, and Ultra Violette). Then, I use my BREAD hair-oil to soften my curls and leave my hair out or swoop it up in a bun.

For my makeup look, I’ll usually stick with Fluff Bronzer, Pat Mcgrath Mascara, and a simply fluffy brow using the YSL brow pencil. 


What is your night beauty routine? 

I have very dry and or dehydrated skin, so I like to keep my skincare gentle in the evening as well. I opt for the same routine, and every now and then throw in a rinse off or leave on exfoliant. If I’m feeling in need of a lovely thick overnight mask, I’ll use the Topicals Like Butter cream for a bit of slugging. 


Describe what you do for a living? What does a typical day look like for you? 

I’m the Founder & CEO of a haircare brand called BREAD. We like to say we make hair care basics for not so basic hair. Whilst we’re available in Sephora Australia and New Zealand, we actually started out by launching in Sephora United States, which remains our biggest market and where the majority of our business is done. 

As the founder of a new brand (just one year old!), that is mainly run on the other side of the world, there’s not truly a typical day. Most days I start off not knowing exactly what bread-related things will be thrown at me for the day. This could be anything from content and product planning to logistics and operations or product ideation and development (the fun stuff!).

But often, the day starts with a solid block of zoom calls from 6am-10am. This is the best  crossover time for most of our suppliers and partners that we work with in the US. I then get a good chunk of work done during those middle day hours once the people in the United States go to sleep. If I know I have late calls that night, I’ll get an afternoon nap in. Then, once 6pm hits, I get on calls with different stakeholders in the UK, and sometimes with the early risers in New York City. With a global business, my waking and working hours aren’t very typical!


What is the supermarket/ drug store/ chemist beauty product(s) that you use and love? 

I can’t not use a face oil. It’s usually my favourite part of my skin routine. I’m currently using the Andalou Naturals CannaCell Beauty Oil, which is lovely and lightweight - available at Priceline. I got it as a sample in a goodie bag once, and loved it so much that I’ve continued to buy it - that doesn’t often happen for me!


How do you keep fit/ healthy? Does exercise form a large part of your routine?

I’m not really a gym or exercise person to be honest, but I do love dogs, so rely on that to get me moving! For many years, while we were living in Melbourne, my partner and I raised seeing-eye dogs in training. This year we got the call to see if we would be interested in adopting one of our previous full-time puppies, Ukari, to join us forever - we couldn’t say yes quick enough. I take her for a walk every day. Sometimes, we’ll take a stroll around the neighborhood, but if it’s a nice day (which it has been for the past two weeks), we’ll head to the dog-friendly beach. Now that we’re in WA, she’s experiencing beach waves and is completely obsessed. The dog beaches here are so lovely that I’ll often jump in with her and go for a swim. 


You’re tired or rundown: what is your beauty hack? 

Electrolytes. Currently in rotation is Hydralyte Apple Blackcurrant and Lime. Getting a dose of electrolytes is the ultimate beauty hack, and the best part is they’re only a few dollars from Woolworths. 


Do you have a beauty icon? Who are they and why? 

My mum. She is my muse for a lot of what I do and has inspired me since I was little. I often say she is the original bread-head because she had a salon here in Perth in the 90's and early 2000’s. My experiences with beauty began on that salon floor, and really helped me to form the idea for BREAD many years later. Oh, and thankfully, my mum loves keeping her old clothes, so I have a closet full of incredible vintage numbers that are very mum-iconic. 


What is the best advice on beauty you’ve received?

Don’t overdo it. I used to over-cleanse a lot, and it wasn’t until an old boss of mine taught me how delicate the face skin is that I realized I was overdoing it. She was an advocate for doing a proper cleanse at night, and then a softer and more gentle cleanse in the morning. I’ve stuck by that for a number of years, and it has served me well!


What is the best advice on health you’ve received?

Scalp care is skincare, but your scalp is even more absorbent, so what you put on your scalp is an extra important part of your skin routine.


What is the one product you can’t live without?

I might be biased, but I can’t live without BREAD’s hair-oil.  


What procedures or professional treatments do you have as part of your beauty routine?

Not many. I’m pretty low-key when it comes to beauty (says a beauty brand founder!). But really, I like to do a lot of things myself. I’ve only been waxed once in my life. I got acrylics once and they lasted less than a day because I couldn’t help but snap them off. For a time, I was getting a blue light treatment at the Liberty Belle skin center, but Covid closures put a dent in that, and now that I’m back in WA, I’m back to my casual skin ways. 


What do you do when your body needs to recover?

I’m a big magnesium salt bath fan. Nothing better. 


What is your main form of beauty body maintenance? What products do you use on your body?

When I was little and we would travel back to west Africa to visit family, we would use these exfoliating sponges that we’re basically like a long sheet of fishing netting. We took a bunch of them back with us and I still use them to this day. They’re super simple, but give a nice soft exfoliation every time I shower. I also love oiling my body, usually once a week or if the weather is dry. The BREAD macadamia-oil is my go to. It glides on beautifully like an oil, but sits on the skin like a moisturiser. 


What is the one non-negotiable in your beauty routine?

I can’t not use body cream, and I love switching up between high and low. On the high side, I like the Neccesaire body cream. For a reliable alternative, the classic Nivea Body Cream in the dark blue pump bottle will always be a staple.


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Images: @maeva_helene