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10 florists based in Melbourne that are bound to put some spring in your step

best florists in melbourne

There are few situations that are not instantly brightened with a bouquet of flowers. What they are, I don't exactly know. But what I am certain of is this: when you're lost for words, when your home is looking a little sad, or when you've left that birthday present to the last minute, a trip to the florist is bound to do the trick. And as it so happens, here at RUSSH we know some damn good ones. So, if you're located in Melbourne and in need of an arrangement of the floral kind, we've rounded up 10 of our favourite florists to lend a helping hand.

Below, find our pick of florists in Melbourne to turn to when only flowers will do.


1. Hattie Molloy


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Utter the name Hattie Molloy and you immediately summon images of the florists' Fitzroy store; this is despite some of us having never visited. On Instagram, Molloy has cultivated a loyal following who turn to her not only for her sculptural and zany arrangements, but interiors and outfit inspiration. Her aforementioned studio is an ode to the power of a good check, with the decor du jour tiled plinths — a speciality of IKON Copenhagen and Fleur Studios — acting as the perfect backdrop for her joyful bouquets.


2. Alchemy Orange


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At Alchemy Orange, Yorta Yorta woman, Shahn Stewart challenges us to rethink what we consider floristry to be by incorporating the mundane and unconventional into her arrangements. A large part of this is achieved through foraging for new and interesting materials. Some days you'll find her bouquets bulging with Chinaberry, other times Kangaroo Tails take centre stage. Although it's important to note that like all florists, Stewart makes regular trips to the flower markets each week, blending both conventional with its other and giving each a platform to shine.


3. Georgie Boy

Gina Lasker of Georgie Boy is riding the wave of floristry's new found proclivity for out-sized arrangements and the experimental, and boy are we loving it. From her Northcote studio which she founded in 2015, Lasker specialises in weddings and large scale events, generating romantic centrepieces for clients like Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal and The Australian Chamber Orchestra.


4. xxflos


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Bundles of sunshine are fashioned from this Collingwood studio. Instantly recognisable by its checkerboard wrapping, and the variation of stocky blooms refreshed with wands of calla lillies, billy buttons, and gerbera's, xxflos blends flowers that were once considered dowdy with those on the rise.


5. Flowers Vasette


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A Melbourne institution. Much like Grandiflora in Sydney, Flowers Vasette completely changed the floral game upon its opening in 1989. Since then it's built a name around its no frills arrangements, preferring to let the flowers do the talking. For those seeking out a new houseplant to introduce into the fray, look no further.


6. Blossmbby


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There is something undeniably Y2K about Blossmbby's pastel-hued arrangements. Iridescent, glossy and somehow cheeky, here you'll find anthuriums married with Phalaenopsis orchids and the throwback inclusion of Baby's breath.


7. Katie Marx Florist

Hearty, homegrown and heartfelt is how one would describe Katie Marx Florist. Arrangements are bountiful, often only including a single flower type to give it the attention it deserves. Here the King Protea are revered, while smokebush and wattle, when in season, can be found aplenty.


8. Sour Sunflower


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A quiet confidence can be found at Sour Sunflower. Owner Alyssa Trenerry is fortified by a desire to break the traditional binds of floristry through a thoughtful approach to composition and texture, one often afforded to sculpture before flowers.


9. Everbloome


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While freshly cut flowers often soak up most of the limelight, it's easy to forget the environmental cost of something so ephemeral. Enter Everbloome. This Malvern-based florist specialises in preserved flowers with the look and texture of cotton candy. Blooms are transported from growers and treated in glycerine, water, stabilisers and dyes before being dried to create styles that not only last a long time, but go easy on the environment too.


10. Bush

When only local and native flowers will do, head on over to Bush. Based in Carlton North, this florist is dedicated to showcasing the beauty to be found in our own surrounds, offering everything from Banksia's, Flannel Flowers, Isopogon's and Waratahs (seasons permitting, of course).

For all our Sydney pals, we've rounded up 9 of our favourite florists for you, here.

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