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7 of our favourite towel labels to get wrapped up in

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Here at RUSSH we're well aware that it's the little things that count. There are few comforts that can bring an equal sense of relief as a plush, freshly washed bath towel. On days when nothing sounds better than retreating back into the womb, why not recreate it instead, and swaddle yourself in fluffy cotton towelling. Lord knows we've tried.

For those who have found themselves lacking in this particular bathroom luxury, we're here to take the reins. Be it classic and white, or something unexpected, below we've curated a list of 7 labels giving bath towels the spotlight they deserve.

From bath sheets, Turkish cotton, terrycloth and more, find out where to buy our favourite towels underneath.




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Where would we be without IN BED? Sheet-less, naked and shivering in the dark is the answer you're looking for. Not only is IN BED the best port of call for linen bedding, but the label also supplies a range of organic cotton towels that not only look and feel good, but are easy on the planet (they're gunning for B Corp Certification as we speak). Arriving in an earthy green, lake blue and rust, the collection is available in a variety of sizes; so whether you're looking to top up on face washers or upgrade from bath towel to sheet, look no further. Oh, and did we mention that IN BED has a long standing partnership with Women's Community Shelters and regularly donates to Pay the Rent?




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A personal favourite. Tekla hasn't reinvented the wheel but it sure has put its own signature spin on it. Design and quality merge here to create towelling that is at once sumptuous without being stuffy, fun yet irrevocably chic. In theme with a number of labels on this list, every Tekla towel is made from 100% organic cotton in Portugal, and boasts a covetable 600g weave. Free from harmful chemicals, Oeko-Tex certified, and available in a broad range of pastels and earthy stripes, Tekla rises to the top of our list as a sexy activist. Is there any other kind?




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A checkerboard pattern we'd recognise a mile away. Baina explores the intersection of bathing and self care through luxury towelling. Established by high school friends Anna Fahey and Bailey Meredith, Baina roared to life just as the world became homebound and has since amassed a loyal following. Each collection is mindfully made in Portugal from 100% GOTS Certified cotton, so you can nestle in your cotton cocoon without a trace of guilt.




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Where Baina is known for its checks, Missoni is the king of chevron. Before the great towelling revolution of 2020, Missoni was carrying the torch and lighting the way for us homewares freaks who were fed up with white on white on white. Bathrooms are normally a hostile environment for art, but considering that Missoni textiles doubles as both, you can hang up your towel and call it a day.


Dusen Dusen


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If you're a devout observer of greyscale please avert your eyes. For those whose love language orbits around Memphis design and the power of colour, I believe you've found your new homewares haven. Famous for its reversible striped towels, Washington-based label Dusen Dusen is cramming up Instagram feeds and bringing joy back into the home, one check coverlet at a time.



If Castle had a motto it would undoubtedly be 'sunny side up'. This Sydney-based brand, founded by Rachel Castle, is making art accessible through homewares, and providing a strong case for colour. Included in its range of hand-loomed towels, are the necessary but often overlooked floor mats.




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Founded in 2017 by textile designer Sophie Matson, Købn offers thoughtfully designed and GOTS certified towels renowned for its unmistakeable fringe. Ethically made by a family run mill in Denizli, Turkey — a region synonymous with high quality and luxurious textile production — the brand's core values include sustainability, responsibility and transparency.


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